After the production practice, Alexander remained working at the station

Alexander was born on August 23, 1991 in the village of Energeticheskiy (now village Otegen-batyr). Since childhood, he was an inquisitive and very attentive child, loved designers, disassembled electronic devices, and was fond of cars. After graduating from high school, in 2007 he entered the Professional Lyceum No. 5 in Almaty, specializing in the operator of typesetting and computer equipment. In 2013, he was trained in the professional center "Aspis ING" as a driver of an auto-pneumatic crane. Having received a good amount of theoretical knowledge, Alexander came to CHPP-3 for a six-month internship.

"I was very lucky. I did my internship under the strict guidance of my mentor Natalia Borisovna Vazhka, a crane operator of the 6th category of the turbine shop. Thanks to her, I was able to study the gantry crane almost thoroughly and gained a lot of experience. And the most important thing is to love the station. After the production practice, I stayed here to work. I have been working at the station as a crane driver of the 6th category of the turbine shop for seven years. You can say that he became a professional in his jewelry profession.

The whole life of the station was well known to Alexander, as his close relatives also worked at the station. Alexander's mother, Galina Vasilyevna, worked at the station until retirement for 30 years as a refractor. Galina Vasilyevna jokes that her son's profession was predetermined, since two more of his uncles worked at the station.

The profession of a crane operator is very difficult. Requires a person to be accurate, attentive, and self-possessed. Alexander confidently works on his crane. Understands the people standing below by gestures, moves jewelry loads weighing up to 34 tons.

- In difficult situations, of course, you have to turn on your brain 100% and make the right decision. There are works that are difficult to remember for a long time. For example, in 2020, work was carried out to replace the turbine rotor on the turbo generator. Sometimes the work was out of the usual working rhythm, it was more difficult to work in the dark.

In his spare time, Alexander was engaged in repair of cars and computers. Likes to read. His favorite books: M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita", Jules Verne "The Mysterious Island", George Orwell "1984".