In 2020, Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC participated in the Paryz-2020 business social responsibility competition in the category "Best Collective

Agreement".- This category considers collective agreements that significantly improve and strengthen the labor and social rights of employees provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company has already been a prize-winner of the Paryz-2015 competition in the category "Best Collective Agreement", - said Valery Sitdikov, Chairman of the trade union of JSC "AlES".

According to the results of participation in the "Paryz 2020" contest, Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC was awarded letters of thanks from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Akimat of Almaty.

The collective agreement 2019-2022 years (this is the sixth collective agreement in the new edition with the beginning of the company) contains a good benefits package for the representation and protection of labour and socio-economic rights and interests of employees of JSC "Ales".