In honor of the professional holiday – the Day of the Power Engineer, 116 employees of "AlES" JSC were awarded professional awards.
Rewarding employees has become a good tradition. Every year, more than a hundred of the best employees are awarded high titles for their significant contribution to the development of domestic energy and many years of conscientious work. The award ceremonies were held in all departments of the company. The awards were presented to the employees by the members of the Management Board of
JSC "AlES".- The outgoing year was extraordinary in every sense of the word. The situation with the spread of the coronavirus has become a serious test for professionalism and the ability to work in extreme conditions. We used all our production experience and defined a new algorithm of work. I should note with satisfaction that the staff of "AlES" JSC fulfills its most important task-to reliably and continuously provide the city of Almaty and the Almaty region with heat and light. I would like to congratulate all of you on the upcoming holiday and thank you for your selfless work, " said Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov, Chairman of the Management Board of "AlES" JSC.

This year the Honorary Diploma of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhanar received Shakeeva, chief specialist of industrial safety and labor protection, the Medal "Yenbek ardageri" are the Ministry of energy awarded the RK Irina Milenina, chief specialist of Omit, the Medal "Poison energeticas of salasana Osan Les ushin" of the Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan" was awarded Isakhan Syrgabaev, Managing Director of CHPP-1, and Amantai Sakibaev, senior foreman on repair of turbine equipment at CREO-2, the Honorary title of "Abeg Republic of energeic me RK" deserve Chingiskhan of Sarymsakov, Deputy chief of Fuel and transportation Department, CHP-2, Arthur Tanov, Chief engineer of CHP-3, Sergey activist filed to the President section foreman on repair of turbine equipment at CREO-3.

5 employees of the company became honored and Honorary power engineers of the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association, 7 more people were awarded Certificates of Honor on behalf of the KEA. The international title "Honored Power Engineer of the CIS" was awarded to 2 employees, 1 person received a Certificate of Honor from the CIS Electric Power Council.

On behalf of the KAZENERGY 2 Association, the employees were awarded Certificates of Honor, Letters of Thanks and a medal. The Council of Veterans of Power Engineers awarded 7 employees of the company, 48 people received certificates of honor and gratitude from Samruk-Energo JSC and AlES JSC.

Also, in connection with the professional holiday, 9 of the most distinguished employees were awarded the honor of being listed on the company's Honor Board. This Galina Garbowska, the head of human resources CHP-3, the Kerma of Dambaev, Deputy head of the shop of thermal automatics and measurements of TPP-1, Elena Kim, head of chemical laboratory of plant commissioning and environmental activities of CHP-2, Mendygali of Rushanov, head of the Electrical machine shop of kapshagajsky hydroelectric power station, Eugene drove to the shift supervisor the operations team of ZTK, Alexander Kuleshov, engineer-technician of the electrical machine shop of the hydroelectric power station, Kuat Kishibaev, head of the railway section of the Centre for receiving and discharging fuel, Sergei Mikheyev, electrician on repair of electrical power plants 6-discharge of a workshop for repair of high voltage equipment PDP "Energoremont", Julian Krivonosov, the chief dispatcher service Dispatching management of JSC "Ales".

106 employees and veterans of the company were awarded the jubilee medal "100th Anniversary of GOELRO". These are Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov, Chairman of the Management Board, Gaziy Ismukhambetov, Managing Director for Production-Chief Engineer, Serik Kaliyev, Managing Director for Development and Transformation, Managing Directors and Chief Engineers of Production departments. The company's management congratulated the veteran power engineers at home.

The awarded employees note that it is a great honor for them to be among the best. The power engineers consider their awards as a new incentive for further fruitful work.