On the eve of the professional holiday, the Day of the Power Engineer, the grand opening of the Board of Honor of "AlES" JSC was held. The nine best employees of the company are represented on the Honor Board.
It is gratifying that "AlES" JSC has a team of highly qualified specialists who can and should be looked up to. Thanks to their dedication, responsibility and dedication, they make a great contribution to the development and prosperity of the company, continuing the glorious labor traditions.
Garbowska Galina Vladimirovna, the head of human resources CHP-3

Any profession requires a person to love, perseverance, perseverance and knowledge. And only the transfer of this knowledge, from one generation to another, creates a dynasty. Dynasties appear in families where people are passionate about their profession. From an early age, I saw my mother bring home some papers, bills with knuckles, and then later a calculator. Yes, she worked as an accountant at CHPP-3. After graduating from high school in 1992, at my mother's insistence, I went to study accounting. In the 90s, the profession of accountant was the most popular. I came to work at CHPP-3 in 1993, as an accountant. On the job, she studied in absentia at a technical school and worked. During this period, the accounting department of CHPP-3 employed professionals in their field: Kandaurova N. V., Gorokhotova R. N., Pichugina L. V., Kudiyarova L. V., Serkina E. V., thanks to them I probably mastered the very basics of working as an accountant. In 1998, she was transferred to the Head Office, where she gained extensive experience in accounting. I have mastered almost all areas of accounting. The accounting department of the Head Office was a professional, friendly, close-knit team. Young specialists were helped by more experienced mentors. I would like to express my gratitude for the knowledge that Luzan A. P., Geld O. D., Ovchinnikova I. G. passed on to me. Thank them very much. After a short break in work, in 2007 she moved to CHPP-3 as an economist in the economic department. Since 2009, I have been working as the head of the personnel department. Of course, here it was not without the help of experienced mentors (Turegeldinova R.S., Shaizhanova D.T. Rysev O. M., G. K. Sagadiyev's Meeting). I would like to express my gratitude to all of them for supporting me at the initial stage and believing in my strength and knowledge.
Perhaps now I can say that I am in my place. Every day when working with people, you realize that the ability to listen to a person depends on their corporate spirit and mood!!! Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the Energy Day and the New Year 2021! From the bottom of my heart, I wish all power engineers that every day of your life will be warmed by sincere gratitude for the noble work that you do!
I wish all power engineers trouble-free work, peace in their families, and health to their relatives and friends!
Kerm Kanatovich Dzhambayev, Deputy Head of the Thermal Automation and Measurement Department of CHPP-1

Born on March 31, 1968 in Almaty. In 1993, he graduated from the Alma-Ata Energy Institute. He began his career in "AlES" JSC in 2011 as an electrician for the repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments of power plants of the 5th category at the site for the repair of thermal automation of the CRE-1 PRP "Energoremont".
In 2003, he was transferred to CHPP-1 as a master of the production section of the thermal automation and measurement department. In 2017, thanks to his hard work, sociability and responsibility, he was appointed Deputy head of the thermal automation and Measurement department.
For all the time I worked in the energy system, there was not a single moment that I regretted my choice of profession, " says Kerm Kanatovich.
I spend all my free time usefully with my family. I lead a healthy, active lifestyle, regularly visit the gym. I raise two beautiful sons. The eldest of them followed my father's footsteps in the field of energy and working in the production Department CHP-1 electrical fitter on repair and maintenance of automation and measuring power plants 4 digits stay. I am very happy and proud that there is someone to pass the craft to.
Kim Elena Harisovna, head of the chemical laboratory of plant commissioning and environmental performance of CHP-2

Special people always work in the energy sector: they are very responsible and really support the results of their work, ready to invest all their strength and skills to fulfill their work duties.
Of all the sciences, chemistry has always been easy for me, and I am glad that I have found a job where chemical water purification and the production of chemical analyses is so important. I have been in the energy industry for 19 years. Since 2018, I have been working at CHPP-2. But it was in "AlES" JSC that I noticed unusual working conditions. It is when organizing such a level of work that an amazing unity of all employees of our departments, and in particular the team of CHPP-2, takes place. The work with the staff is extremely high-quality: training, continuous training, advanced training courses that contribute to the full disclosure of the full potential of the person and the employee. Working at CHPP-2, I was convinced that there is complete trust in the employee, given the opportunity to show their best qualities, introduce new methods of chemical analysis, acquire more advanced devices. I see my primary task in maintaining the high level of the laboratory, and most importantly, in educating and training the young generation of the laboratory. I want to pass on my knowledge to them, to teach them to think like an energy chemist, to love their science and their company, and to make every effort to fulfill their honorable duties-providing the city with heat and electricity.
The rushanov of Mendygali Saginaevich, head of the Electrical machine shop of kapshagajsky hydroelectric power station

Since childhood, I have had an interest in equipment and knowledge, and it was in the electric power industry that these two lines were connected for me. I was lucky, and I started my career in 2006 at the Kapshagayskaya HPP as an electrician of the 3rd category of the Electric Machine shop. I immediately felt that this was my calling. From the first days of work, I was very interested in studying the equipment of the power plant and improved my knowledge and skills in this industry, thereby gaining a huge experience. After passing all the stages of training, I was transferred to the position of shift manager of the Electric Machine Shop, and then to the position of shift manager of the Kapshagai HPP station.
Since January 2019, I have been the head of the Electric Machine Shop. Thanks to friendly and responsive colleagues, and the support of the management, we try to bring the equipment of the Kapshagai HPP to a high level of reliability and trouble-free operation.
I sincerely congratulate all the power engineers of Kazakhstan on their professional holiday! I sincerely wish you all successful work, inexhaustible energy, new promising projects and further development! May the new year 2021 bring you much joy and happiness. Success, health and well-being to you and your loved ones!
Komendantsky Evgeny Vasilyevich, shift supervisor of the ZTKN Operation Group was born and raised in Almaty.
He graduated from the Almaty College of Power Engineering and Electronic Instrumentation with a degree in Heat and Power Engineering. After practical training, he continued his work in the ZTC of "AlES" JSC as a driver of a fuel oil pumping unit since November 2007.
He was involved in the reconstruction of steam boilers at the ZRK, actively participated in the construction of new facilities on the territory of the ZTK, was an assistant curator for the reconstruction of the ZTK, under the leadership of Albrecht V. A. from 2013 to 2016.

Since 2016, he worked as the shift manager of the boiler shop, in November 2020, he was transferred to the shift manager of the Operation Group.
Thanks to Igor V. Kogtev, the shift manager of the boiler shop, under whose mentorship I worked for 3 years, I solve the tasks set, and Igor V.'s help and care support me up to this day.
This year, he entered the AUE undergraduate program. There are many plans and goals ahead that open up new perspectives and inspire hope for new achievements.
Our production team is very friendly and close-knit, everything is positive, there have never been any problems. We work as a single, well-established mechanism. And now 13 years have passed like one day. The most important thing is to take your work seriously, study the diagrams, and monitor the equipment. In our work, all issues are solved, if you do not be lazy and do the work with great desire and diligence!
Kulishov Alexander Vsevolodovich, laboratory engineer of the electric machine shop of Kaskad HPP

I have always aspired and loved to study chemistry, mechanics and electronics. In 1978, he graduated from the Alma-Ata Technological College, majoring in electrical engineering. After the army, he worked as a master of the Instrumentation and Power Plant. In 1992, he was accepted as a master of the electrical laboratory of the Cascade HPP, in the same year he was trained in the training and course plant, majoring in "Specialist in chemical analysis and oil regeneration", in 1996 he was transferred to the oil production technician of the electric machine shop. At the Cascade HPP, he went from a master of an electrical laboratory to a laboratory engineer of an electrical machine shop, which amounted to more than 28 years of experience in the energy industry.
During my work, I thoroughly studied the equipment for the regeneration and purification of oils of the hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment of the HPP Cascade, which allowed me to quickly and accurately take part in the operation and repair of the equipment.
More than once he was encouraged by Honorary certificates, thanks. I am also a member of the working dynasty, we work and work on the Cascade of hydroelectric power plants.
On my own behalf, I congratulate all my energy colleagues on their professional holiday-the Day of the Power Engineer! I wish you success in your work and trouble-free work in our industry!
Oyshybaev Kuat, head of the railway section of the Center for receiving and unloading fuel

I started my career in the energy sector in December 2014 as a 5th-grade road fitter in the CPVT. Since 2015, he has worked as a master of track works. In 2019, in the month of May, a new division of the CPVT - ZHDU was organized, combining the railway sections of the ZHDH and CHPP-1, at the head of which he was appointed head.
Working here, you understand what makes up the true atmosphere of the enterprise – this is the awareness of the importance of your work, responsibility for the assigned task, professionalism, as well as a sense of pride that you work here.
Our professional holiday Energy Day is special for me this year. Thank you all so much! It is very pleasant when people do not forget to celebrate the work of the workers, it is very important for us.
Dear colleagues and friends! I congratulate you on your professional holiday-Energy Day and the upcoming New Year 2021! I share with you the pride of being involved in the energy sector, which is rightfully considered the main branch of the Kazakh economy. After all, in our time, there are few companies where an employee can feel socially protected and look at the future with confidence. I wish our team a successful, stable and trouble-free work!
Mikheev Sergey Nikolayevich, the electrician on repair of electrical power plants 6-discharge of a workshop for repair of high voltage equipment PDP "Energoremont»

He was born on February 26, 1975 in Issyk, Almaty region. He started his career in 1992. After graduating from high school, he got a job at the Issyk Electric Grid Company "IPES".
In 1993, he was drafted into the army. In 1994, he continued to work in the central repair shop "IPES" as an electrical mechanic for the repair of transformers.
In 1998, in connection with the disbandment of "IPES", it was reduced. In 2002, the PDP "Energoremont" reopened the shop, and I was asked to work as the electrician on repair of electrical power plants 6-th category in the shop for repair of high voltage equipment.
I devote all my free time to my family. I am currently raising two sons and one daughter.
I congratulate all my colleagues on their professional holiday-Energy Day and the upcoming New Year 2021! I wish you all good health, long years, and prosperity of our company!
Yulian Eduardovich Krivonosov, Head of the Dispatching Service of the Dispatching Department of "AlES" JSC

While studying at school, he showed an interest in chemistry and physics, and was happy to understand technology. When choosing further education, I took into account the opinion of my parents and chose the Almaty Power Engineering Institute, completed my training as a heat and power engineer.
He began his career in 1998 at CHPP-1 in the operational operation of the equipment of the turbine shop. I quickly joined a friendly team, which almost became a second family for me.
During the years of production activity at CHPP-1, I acquired the necessary knowledge and professional skills thanks to my teachers and mentors: Ovchinnikov V. A. and Mitrofanov M. K., who instilled in me responsibility in my work and dedication to energy, for which I am very grateful and respected.
I passed all the stages of training in the turbine shop, then worked as a shift manager at the CHPP-1 station, as a senior duty dispatcher in the GO of JSC "AlES".
To achieve these goals, I constantly improve my knowledge and improve the level of professional training. I love and appreciate my work for the opportunity to work together in a good, close-knit team of like-minded people.
Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the Day of the Power Engineer! Let your homes be warm with love, joy and happiness! I wish you all a New Year of life full of health, kindness and optimism!