On December 13, 2020, veteran power engineer Kalyk Abdullayevich Abdullayev died at the age of 79.
A high-class professional, a talented scientist, a political figure and a successful leader has passed away.
Kalyk Abdullayev is a republican figure. He was born on June 28, 1942 in a modest aul family in the south of Kazakhstan. In the village of Kaskasu of the present Tolebi district, the main occupation was peasant labor - agriculture, cattle breeding. It was too early to talk about mechanization or electrification: collective-farm construction, which was just getting on solid supports, was not up to it. With the beginning of the war, all the worries fell on the shoulders of the elderly, women and children. We can say that the early involvement of the little Kalyk in aul affairs predetermined his future. Since childhood, he has developed a desire to ease the heavy physical labor.

Having a large family, Kalyk Abdullayevich's mother was constantly at work. Hardworking, patient, she managed to put all her children on their feet. And one, without her husband, who did not return from the war.
Having successfully graduated from high school, Kalyk entered the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute on the specialty "electric power stations". The choice was not random. It reflected the persistent desire of the young man to change life for the better in his native village, in the country.
In the early sixties, Kalyk Abdullayevich began working in energy production: he passed all its stages. Professional growth is closely related to one of the largest energy systems in the country - Yuzhkazenergo. Kalyk Abdullaevich, before leading this system, managed to master the wisdom of administrative management of energy in the Ministry of Energy, and operational and dispatching management in the ODE of the industry headquarters.
At Yuzhkazenergo, Kalyk Abdullaev was first appointed chief engineer, and soon became the general director. The energy system has reached the cutting edge in all production indicators: the capacity of power plants has been increased, electric networks have been extended, and the Zhambyl GRES has been recognized as the best in the Union. At the same time, the Shymkent CHPP-3 was put into operation.
In 1982, Kalyk Abdullayevich was appointed the first Deputy Minister of the energy industry of a huge country. A fully trained specialist has become much on the shoulder. Kalyk Abdullayev successfully defended his PhD thesis, graduated from the Academy of Social Sciences of the Central Committee of the CPSU, as well as the Academy of National Economy Management in Moscow. Therefore, his appointment to the post of chairman of the State Planning Committee of Kazakhstan was quite natural. The experience of Kalyk Abdullayevich was especially useful in the years of perestroika, the formation of a sovereign Kazakhstan. Soon he was appointed deputy, and a little later first Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR with the combined duties of the chairman of the State Planning Committee.
A highly qualified professional, Kalyk Abdullaevich, according to colleagues, is a brave, persistent and principled person. He managed to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and bureaucratic red tape. It is appropriate to note his successful participation in major investment projects in the west of Kazakhstan, when he managed to attract well-known companies to develop new oil and gas fields, including Tengiz and Karachaganak. At the same time, the further development of the Ekibastuz fuel and energy complex was not forgotten. In the same years, the second unit of GRES-2 was introduced.
Kalyk Abdullaevich was a very friendly person, an excellent conversationalist, a well-mannered student and a solid teacher, a reliable friend and an excellent family man. With his faithful Medicis they raised children worthy citizens of the country.
Kalyk Abdullayev showed respect for people, regardless of their position, while working as an assistant to the President. He also worked as the akim of the South Kazakhstan region-his small homeland.
Kalyk Abdullayevich Abdullayev is an impressive example of a manager of a new market type. It is enough to compare the very dull work of the VDNKh of the Kazakh SSR of the Soviet era with the bright and skillfully organized forums, exhibitions and world-class business meetings of the current "Atakent", of which he was the chairman of the board of directors.
Kalyk Abdullayevich has always been faithful to his favorite profession. He was interested and excited about everything related to energy. He has always been confident that Kazakhstan is able to provide itself with electricity, and at a much lower cost. He understood the value of traditions passed down from generation to generation. And I did everything to ensure that the connection of time was not interrupted.

The preparation and publication of a book of memoirs about the unforgettable Timofey Ivanovich Baturov-the first Minister of Energy and Electrification of Kazakhstan, participation in the organization of anniversaries of honored power engineers, the establishment of the Business Club of Power Engineers - all this is only a small part of his initiatives. The staff of "Almaty Electric Power Stations" JSC is grieving over the death of veteran power engineer Kalyk Abdullayev. The bright memory of him will remain in our hearts.

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