The early start of the heating season at the ZTC is associated with a sharp cold snap and a tense epidemiological situation in the city. This heating season was significant for ZTK. During one working shift, thanks to the professionalism and well-coordinated actions of the operational staff, the transition from the summer hot water supply scheme to the full-fledged winter circulation mode of the heating system in Almaty was carried out.

On September 28, 2020, due to the decrease in the average daily outdoor temperature to +80, the Mayor's Office of Almaty decided to start the heating season. There was a command to set the sluggish circulation in the second zones, the circuit was assembled and the network pump No. 23 was started. Further, sluggish circulation was induced in the first zones. Then, an additional 3 network pumps were started.
In the evening, 12 pumps were started in the building of the Central Heat Distribution Point and winter circulation was launched. At the same time, the supply of network water from CHPP-2 was increased with an increase in the temperature of network water from 70 0 C to 130 0 C.

The annual work on preparing for the heating season is always considered very responsible, and the beginning of the turn of the station is always exciting for all employees, starting from the worker and ending with the managing director, because this is a kind of indicator of how well everything will work together. The beginning of the season at the ZTC began without any accidents, and we are convinced that this will be the case throughout the heating season.