October 2020 marks the 85th anniversary of CHPP-1. Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of CHPP-1, shared about the features of the station, its role in the life of the city, and its work.


What are the features of CHPP-1?
CHPP-1 of JSC "AlES" is the oldest station in Almaty. The beginning of the construction of the station took place in the 30s of the last century. To date, the station is one of the main power generating complexes of JSC "AlES" in Almaty.

What is the most valuable thing for you at the station?
For me personally, the most valuable thing at the station is the personnel. The number of personnel of the station today is 368 people. There are 164 working youth under 35 years of age. Of these, 18 are managers.

How is the personnel issue solved at CHPP-1?
Recruitment is carried out on a competitive basis. We conduct an interview. Of course, the priority is given to graduates of specialized educational institutions, for example, AUPES (Almaty University of Energy and Communications named after Gumarbek Daukeev), SCCP Almaty State College of Energy and Electronic Technologies.
What specialists work at the station?
Power engineers work mainly. Thermal energy in the boiler and turbine halls, the electricity in the electrical shop and TAI, also specialists in the fields of economists, accountants. Chemical shop, which is engaged in the management of the water-chemical regime. The shop of adjustment and environmental protection is engaged in ensuring the operating modes of thermal and mechanical equipment, monitors compliance with the requirements of the Environmental Code. There are repair and construction, motor transport sites.

What is interesting about your work?
Like any other job, it always keeps you on your toes. In general, the work of the power engineer is very painstaking work. Today, electricity is irreplaceable in human life. It gives us light and warmth.

When was the station upgraded?
In 2008, the reconstruction of the dust extraction plant of boiler unit No. 9 (installation emulsifier), reconstruction of the dust extraction plant of boiler unit No. 8 (set emulsifier) with the rerouting of the pressure of the flue; the elimination of sewage from the equipment and facilities, CHP plant-1.
A lot of work has been done to implement the full transition of the plant to natural gas combustion. Reverse osmosis equipment for the preparation of desalinated water was installed in the chemical shop in 2011.
In 2012, the modernization of the burner devices of the six power boilers was fully completed in order to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides at CHPP-1.Also the reconstruction of 110 kV outdoor switchgear TPP-1 Semenych oil circuit breakers on the 110 kV gas-insulated, air-conditioning system main control Board, control room CHP-1.
In 2013, a project commissioned by the Mayor's Office of Almaty "Reconstruction of CHPP-1 for receiving heat from CHPP-2 was implemented. Almaty".

What are the features of the gas station operation?
The most basic thing is ecology. The station is located in the city center, and we are constantly under the control of the regulatory authorities. What changes have occurred during your leadership?
Many projects related to the environment have been implemented. The heat reception point from ATEC-2 was launched, which made it possible to maximize the distribution and implementation of the heat capacity of ATEC-2 and many other projects.
How important is CHPP-1 for Almaty?
CHPP-1 provides heat to the entire eastern part and part of the city center, is one of the main sources of district heat supply to enterprises and the housing and communal sector.

What is the power of the station?
CHPP-1 provides coverage of the Eastern and Central districts of the city.
The installed electric capacity of the CHPP-1 is 145 MW. The installed thermal capacity of the station is 1203 Gcal/h. Currently, the actual power generation of the station per month allows for 8,400 nine-story two-access houses, and the actual heat supply provides heat to 1,350 nine-story houses.

What can you say about the future of the station?
In general, the equipment is morally and physically outdated. Some of the equipment has worked for 50-60 years. Through the efforts of the repair and maintenance personnel, we try to keep the equipment in working condition.
The project "Reconstruction and expansion of ATEC-1 with conversion to gas and installation of gas turbine units" has been developed. Now there is a search for potential investors.
What is the most special place in the station for you?
The main control panel, as they say, "the heart of the station", here all the necessary technical switching takes place. As well as control panels for turbines and boilers. On the control boards, complete information about the state of the equipment is consolidated, I discuss the problems of both personnel and issues arising on the equipment of the station.

What energy boost does working at CHPP-1 give you?
As on the ORU-110 kV.

Tell us about an event at the station that you particularly remember?
The 80th anniversary of the station was well remembered, there were many guests.
It was especially pleasant to see the veterans of the energy industry. CHPP-1 was once a good "forge of personnel". Many managers of energy enterprises in Almaty and Kazakhstan started working at our enterprise.

This year, unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the anniversary of the station due to the situation with the coronavirus. We will have more anniversaries!
We are working normally. In this difficult time, I wish you all good health! Take care of yourself and your neighbors.