One of the oldest stations in Kazakhstan, CHPP-1, has put the equipment into operation a month ahead of the approved deadline. This was due to a decrease in outdoor air temperature in September. All the main and auxiliary equipment of the power plant was ready to start working and gain the necessary load.

During the repair company, six power boilers, seven hot water columns, three turbo generators with all auxiliary equipment were repaired. Since 2017, CHPP-1 has been running on natural gas.

- The staff of the station is aware of the importance of carrying the necessary load to provide the residents of Almaty with light and heat. All the main and auxiliary equipment is ready for operation during the autumn-winter period of 2020-2021, " said Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of CHPP-1.

This year Almaty CHPP-1 celebrates its 85th anniversary. The design and construction of the first stage of the Alma-Ata TPP (now CHPP-1) began in 1931. And on October 25, 1935, the first unit was put under industrial load. In 1936, 1.8 million kWh of electricity was generated. Today, this electricity generation is equal to the daily operation of the plant. For the first time, the Alma-Ata CHPP-1 produced thermal energy in 1961.

In total, to date, CHPP-1 has generated 37,829 million kWh of electricity and 153 million Gcal of thermal energy.