Andrey Pavelko, a turner of the 6th category of the electric machine shop of the Kapshagayskaya HPP, took the first place in the republican contest "Professional" in the category "Electric Power Industry". The competition was initiated according to the program article of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. V.Nazarbayev "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: 20 steps to a Society of Universal Labor".
Andrey Pavelko has been working as a turner for 35 years. They say about him: a master of golden hands, he can do any job, of any complexity.


Andrey Dmitrievich not only accurately copies the necessary details from the original, but also develops new mechanisms that can improve the labor productivity of the hydroelectric power plant. For him, the more difficult the tasks, the more interesting.
He is a recognized professional, but he continues to study, reads special literature, follows his colleagues with interest on the Internet, and dreams of mastering lathes with computer programming.
Andrey Dmitrievich trains the younger generation and helps his colleagues. It is on such people that the work of enterprises rests, these are people who are ready to create and know that nothing is impossible. They are the real heroes of our time.


The staff of JSC "AlES" sincerely congratulates Andrey Dmitrievich on his victory and wishes him good health and great creative success.

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