On September 15, 2020, the staff of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC suffered a heavy loss. At the age of 62, our colleague, the chief engineer of CHPP-3, Viktor Vladimirovich Bezruk, died prematurely. He gave 37 years of his life to CHPP-3, of which he was the chief engineer for 22 years.
He lived the life of a conscientious and honest worker, a respected citizen of his country. Viktor Bezruk started his career at the Alma-Ata GRES in 1983. His first mentors were his own brothers who worked at the station. Viktor Vladimirovich passed all the basics in the boiler and turbine shops, the shop of thermal automation and measurements. Since 1998, he has held the position of Chief Engineer of CHPP-3.
The main principles of Viktor Bezruk's life are patience, responsibility and professionalism. Thanks to his competence, dedication to work, and ability to solve the most complex tasks, Viktor Vladimirovich has gained a well-deserved reputation and a high business reputation among the power engineers of Kazakhstan. In 2014, the Bezruk family was awarded for the preservation of family traditions, many years of fruitful work. The total length of service of the Bezruk dynasty is 188 years.

Viktor Bezruk will always be remembered as an honest, reliable person. He is a vivid example of selfless service to his profession, his chosen cause, and loyalty to his beliefs. Viktor Vladimirovich has always taken an active life position. He was a member of the international warrior community.

For conscientious work, high production indicators Bezruk Viktor Vladimirovich was awarded the title of "Honored Power Engineer of the KEA", "Honorary Power Engineer of the KEA", Honorary certificates of JSC "AlES", Association "KAZENERGY", JSC "Samruk-Energo", etc.
The staff of JSC "AlES" shares the pain of loss with their relatives and friends and will keep the memory of him in their hearts.