Almaty CHPP-2, the main source of heat and electricity in the southern megalopolis, will be fully converted to gas. This was stated in JSC "Samruk-Energo", which is currently working to minimize the impact on the environment.
In fact, an important step is being taken to improve the ecology of Almaty, as there are many facilities in the city whose activities negatively affect the quality of atmospheric air (motor transport, public transport and the private sector with harmful emissions, other coal-fired heat and power plants). In addition, the city will have to solve issues related to landscaping, construction taking into account the wind regime, fuel quality, etc.).
Many options for the modernization of CHPP-2 are considered. The works were commissioned by JSC "AlES" by the design institute "KazNIPIenergoprom", which has a 60-year history of energy construction and carries out the entire range of pre-design and design works in the field of heat and power engineering.
Without a doubt, the most effective way to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and improve air quality in the area of influence of the plant is to switch the CHPP-2 to natural gas combustion. With this approach, the annual amount of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere will be reduced by more than 80%.
Currently, JSC "Samruk-Energy" continues to work on attracting acceptable sources and methods of financing the project with the obligatory provision of minimizing the tariff burden and meeting the conditions of its full payback. Thus, the company takes into account all the interests of citizens who are the main consumers of heat and electricity.
Reference:Almaty CHPP-2 is the
largest thermal power plant in Kazakhstan for combined generation of electric and thermal energy with an installed electric capacity of 510 MW, thermal – 1411 Gcal/h.CHPP-2 belongs to JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations").