In preparation for the autumn-winter period, major repairs were carried out at the CHPP-1 of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC.
In accordance with the approved schedule, major repairs of the generator (Article No. 10), the power transformer (Article No. 2), as well as in anticipation of replacing the generator excitation system cabinet (Article No. 8) were carried out. Current repairs were carried out on five boilers, seven hot water boilers and two turbine units.


Currently, the station is carrying out routine repairs of the eighth boiler unit, after which the power engineers will have to carry out routine repairs of boiler unit No. 13.


В июле 2020 года организованы восстановительные работы на силовом трансформаторе (ст.№7), устранены причины нагрева контактов на вводах, с поднятием колпака активной части трансформатора.


In July 2020, restoration work was organized on the power transformer (art. No. 7), the causes of heating of the contacts at the inputs were eliminated, with the lifting of the cap of the active part of the transformer.


- Since August 20 of this year, according to the schedule of repair work, the eighth turbine unit has been put into current repair. The contractor continues the repair work on the replacement of the insulation of the generator stator winding (Article No. 10), as well as the current repair of the generator (Article No. 9). In addition to the repair of the main equipment, the repair of auxiliary equipment is in full swing according to the schedule. The volume of work has been completed by about 90%, " said Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of CHPP-1.


The competent organizations examined and carried out technical diagnostics on three hydrogen receivers, five high-pressure heaters and one network water heater with the extension of the park resource with the issuance of appropriate technical documentation.