On August 26, 1980, a torch was lit on the boiler of the first power unit of the Almaty CHPP-2

On August 26, 1980, the Almaty CHPP-2 usually looked businesslike from the side: the arrows of tower cranes also slowly sailed by, heavy-duty trucks, leaving plumes of dust, brought building materials to future workshops and services. And the day of August 26 was special – the first in the working biography of the new capital's thermal power plant.
By eleven o'clock in the evening, builders, installers, and maintenance workers gathered at the boiler unit. The head of the start-up, the chairman of the selection committee, the manager of the RUE "Almaataenergo" Aitkali Zhakutovich Zhakutov made the last entry in the log about the start-up and gave the order to the chief engineer of the Almaty CHPP-2 Viktor Andreevich Tyusin to melt the boiler.

The honorary right to light the torch when kindling boiler unit No. 1 was awarded to the foremen of the complex teams of the Almaatagresstroy management, participants of the laying of the first cubic meter of concrete at the beginning of the construction of the station – Amadya Asanov, Stepan Paul, carpenter Kirill Bukharev, electric welder Vera Dolgopolova, foreman of the Pokrovsky installation department Eric Viht, foremen of the installation department of the trust Briy Plasin and Viktor Ogorodnikov.23.00 The first torch of the boiler unit is lit.
It was four hours after the fire broke out in the boiler burner. The steam-water system, kilometers of especially strong pipelines of the boiler unit are gaining strength. The recorders on the control panel work, hundreds of devices give out the first information about the speed of heating of
metal surfaces, the pressure temperature…The time was well past midnight, but the construction site did not die down, it continued to live: the builders of the second shift worked, welding flashed with golden sparks, and in the boiler shop the senior engineer of the boiler Valery Verzhuk, the shift manager of the boiler shop Rudolf Wolf, the shift manager of the station Vladimir Sergeev continued to keep watch. They noted hour after hour the normal operation of the equipment and equipment.

Passed a serious test: the machines showed their reliability, confirmed the experience and knowledge of specialists in practice. That's how the new thermal power plant got a start in life on August 26, 1980.
Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Almaty CHPP-2. This is the largest thermal power plant in Kazakhstan for combined generation of electric and thermal energy. CHPP-2 provides the city of Almaty with heat and electricity (in summer, 100% of hot water supply and 50% of electricity year-round from the production of JSC "Almaty Electric Stations").

Currently, CHPP-2 annually generates 2.7 billion kWh of electricity and 3.2 million Gcal of heat, and at the start of the plant, 78.5 billion kWh of electricity and 102.8 million Gcal of heat were generated.