On August 27, 2020, the staff of the CHPP-3 of JSC "AlES" spent a well-deserved rest in connection with the achievement of retirement age Gulnur Estemesovna Sypataeva, a weigher-fuel receiver of the 2nd category, fuel and transport shop. Continuous work experience at CHPP-3 was 29 years.
She started her career at CHPP-3 in 1990. She worked as a typist in the office. In October 1996, she was transferred to the fuel acceptance weigher, fuel and transport shop. During her work in the fuel and transport shop, she proved to be an initiative worker, successfully coped with the tasks set.

In the process of working as a fuel weigher, I mastered modern programs for fuel acceptance and weighing. Accurate in working with documentation.
Actively engaged in mentoring work. Colleagues in the shop note her qualities such as hard work, efficiency, sociability, responsibility, attentiveness. For fruitful and conscientious work, high production indicators, as well as in connection with the release of a well-deserved rest, G. E. Sypataeva was awarded the Certificate of Honor of JSC "AlES". The management and the Trade Union Committee of CHPP-3 congratulate Gulnara Estemesovna and give her these lines....

With a new life stage, we congratulate YOU all together!
On emotions rich Let it be every hour!
There will be light, warmth, good
luck, A lot of interesting things to do, So that with a smile, you do not start every day!!!