The coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of quarantine measures have changed the usual way of life and work of the company. Power engineers were working normally, and in the meantime, the validity of certificates for industrial safety and labor protection was coming to an end. In the current situation, associated with a high risk of coronavirus infection, the only possible and adequate response was a temporary full transition to distance learning.

Teachers lacked the skills to work in a digital environment, limited time to learn new tools and rebuild the educational process, and support from technical services, which play an important role in the introduction of new technologies. First of all, we started with the training of teachers, and at the same time we were searching for a platform. We understood that online learning is primarily a cognitive and social process, and not just a process of transmitting information via the Internet.
As a result, from July 15, 2020, the personnel training department, with the support of IT specialists, began to conduct distance learning using the Cloud program, which allows you to conduct online training with real-time feedback. Important requirements for the system were its reliability, the bandwidth of Internet channels, the ease of creating and posting content, and the availability of services and platforms for teachers and students. Classrooms equipped with computers, projectors, televisions, webcams, and speakers were prepared for each production department to conduct classes. According to the order (No. 377 of 24.06.2020), training groups of up to 6 people are formed, in compliance with all sanitary standards.

- An important aspect in the situation of the spread of coronavirus is the maximum restriction of people's contacts with each other and minimizing the risks of transmission of infection. In these conditions, the transition to distance learning is the only correct solution. We, the teachers, needed a lot of effort to switch to distance learning, because we had to master the computer and work with the new program. Of course, the lack of real contact between the teacher and the listener, the insufficient Internet speed due to overload, complicate the learning process, but I think that this is the only correct solution in this situation, - said Tatiana Solodilova, teacher of the personnel training department.

Thus, all training was transferred to online and remote mode, including training with third-party training centers, so we held classes on labor protection, a seminar for environmentalists and employees of personnel services. When conducting training, such forms as webinars, video lectures, presentations, etc. are used.In the end, we draw
conclusions from this "global experiment" and continue to systematically work on errors to improve the learning process.