The introduction of quarantine measures throughout the country has made its own adjustments to the working processes and lifestyle of the adult population, as well as to the learning process and leisure time of the younger generation. If earlier many parents were at work all day, children attended kindergartens and schools, and the family met for dinner and easily discussed the past day, now everyone was at the same time and in the same place. Live communication has moved to the limits of one family and one space.

Employees of JSC "AlES" shared their experience of raising their children during isolation.

New Family Rulebook

Nazira Kadyrkulova, Head of the Economic Department of the PRP " Energoremont»:

Forced self-isolation, restriction of movement, mass flow of information about the threat of coronavirus infection in a short time brought down all the established regimes and the usual foundations of the family.
I am sure that each family has found its own ways of existence and development during the quarantine period. My family was no exception.
There are 6 people in our family: mom, dad, grandmother and three children (Madina-14, Tokzhan-11 and Adil-7 years old). Naturally, self-isolation and online training led to an increase in the burden on the health of children, because they had to spend a long time on phones and gadgets. I think that many of the children had an impact on their vision, posture, and timely sleep.
We had to adapt and introduce new rules. Here's our family rulebook:

First, a healthy diet. Chips and carbonated drinks are rarely allowed, in the morning a dissatisfied "porridge again!", lunch and dinner - hot homemade food, fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. It should be noted that thanks to the quarantine, the level of culinary skills has increased for many mothers, including me.
Secondly, walking in the fresh air. We are lucky that we live in a private house, we have a quiet quiet area, so even in quarantine conditions, children could walk at least within their yard.
Third, board games that children can play together with their parents. They are at least a little distracting from gadgets.

I recommend such games as Librarie, UNO, dominoes, checkers and chess.
Fourth, we have introduced the "day without gadgets" rule, every Thursday children deposit their phones and tablets.
I also try to buy them new books. The older one doesn't really like to read, but comics as part of modern culture are still part of her preferences. Junior read his first book during the quarantine and was very proud of it. But the real book lover is Togzhan.

Even in order to introduce them to work and increase their interest in the results of their work, their father began to pay them something like a salary for the work done around the house: Madina is assigned to take care of our dog Toby, Togzhan washes the dishes for breakfast, all three of them participate in cleaning to the best of their abilities. More than occupational therapy, they certainly like to spend their accumulated money.
You are allowed to watch TV for no more than one hour a day. Play gadgets, too, no more than an hour a day. An important point at the end of the day is a timely sleep, at school time no later than 22.00 hours, during the holidays-no later than 23.00 hours.
It is not easy to live by the rules and it is not always possible to follow them accurately, but in general, the introduction of the rules helped our family to endure the period of quarantine and self-isolation more easily and taught the children to be self-organized and independent.
Previously, the wish of health for significant events seemed standard, now in the conditions of quarantine, we all began to clearly realize that this is really the most important of all the benefits and this idea I will try to convey to my children.
I wish all the families of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" good health and a positive attitude in this difficult time, health to our children, because they are the future of this country!

Repair all together

Azamat Sagadiyev, Chief Specialist, Production and Technical Department, Cascade HPP:

My family lives in a private house. Everyone knows that housework does not end, and there is always something to do. In the summer, I gave special assignments around the house to my two sons, so that they would not sit all day in a cell phone or near the TV.
To my mother, I say, " You used to have a good time. They sent me and my little brother to the village to visit my grandparents, and all three months later they met grown-up, tanned and happy children." Why did I say this, but to the fact that during the three months spent on vacation in the village, we did not even think of idling, much less relaxing.
This summer, my sons and I redecorated the house.
The boys helped with the housework. They were preparing firewood for the furnace of the bathhouse.
I am sure that such summer holidays spent during the period of self-isolation will have a beneficial effect on their overall development.

Educate by example

Maksat Astaubayev, Deputy Chief Engineer of CHPP-1:

Maksat has three sons, and he knows firsthand how to raise children. He spends all his free time with his family.
Maksat built a house outside the city and is now engaged in the improvement of the territory, the construction of outbuildings. His older sons help him in this.

- I think that the child's attention is immediately as soon as he learned to eat, walk and talk. I always organize children's leisure time by myself without the help of the Internet and gadgets. This is outdoor recreation, football, trips with the family to interesting places in our country. After all, we have so many interesting things to learn and where to visit!

Delegation of responsibilities

Olesya Bogdanova, hydraulic equipment maintenance worker of the Kapshagayskaya HPP Building and Hydraulic Equipment Maintenance Shop:

In our family, it is customary to do everything together, to share each other's interests. Therefore, joint activities and an active life position are the basis for raising a seven-year-old son, Maxim. I do all the household chores together with Maxim. He became my chief assistant. Many household chores he took on himself: watering flowers, trees, watering the grass. And yet, as a family, we love to go fishing, this is our family hobby. My husband and I do not have to come up with different ways to tear the child away from the TV or tablet. They are not forbidden here, but he simply has no time to deal with them.
We can say with full confidence that the children of AlES employees have a happy childhood.