We continue to tell you how the children of the employees of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" spend their holidays»

Big Almaty Round-the-World Trip

Vladimir, the son of Lyudmila Kurbatova, a software engineer of the HPP Cascade, is only 7 years old. He's just starting school this year. Volodya is engaged in various sports: he goes to wrestling, to chess classes. He also loves to play percussion instruments. But most of all, Volodya likes hiking in the mountains.
This year, he and his father mastered the complex three-day route "Big Almaty Round-the-World", one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the Trans-Ili Alatau. This is not the easiest journey: the route has enough rocky trails through moraines and scree, along fast mountain streams and crystal clear lakes. Not all adults can master this transition in three days. And Vladimir passed!- The start started from the resort
"Cimbulak" - said Volodya, - then we went to the pass "Big Talgarsky", the passage of the gorges "Left Talgar" and "Tourists", and from there to the pass "Tourists". This is the highest point in the hike – 4,000 m above sea level. Then the descent to the foot of the peak "Soviets", and from there to the Big Almaty lake. Not far from the pass, we had the coldest night of our overnight stay. Despite the fact that in the city at that time there was a heat of 40 degrees, at night there were frosts on the pass. Even the water froze by morning. The Big Almaty Round-the-World Tour is probably my most vivid impression of the summer.

I want to be a great dancer

The daughter of Aidos Masiraliev, a locksmith for the maintenance of equipment for the power plant of the turbine shop of CHPP-1, Lina graduated with excellent marks from the fourth grade of gymnasium No. 139. Since early childhood, she is fond of dancing.- Since the age of three, I have been dancing in
the ensemble "Kun Alemi", - Lina shared, - I have many diplomas, medals and cups. Thanks to dancing, I visited such cities as Nursultan, Turkestan,

Shymkent and Karaganda. Dancing reveals my inner world, inspires me with self-confidence. They develop my physical abilities, which are flexibility, slimness and activity. At school, from the first grade, I participate in the scientific project "Zerde". The title of my work is "How dancing affects the heart". This project was awarded the grand prix at the school, I got the second place in the city, and the third place in the republic. I dance all the holidays. This is my life!
Lina has a dream - to become a great dancer, like Shara Zhienkulova. We are confident that it will come true.

Football – my life

The son of Guldana Bapyshova, a translator in the personnel sector of the ZTC, Nurislam wanted to play football at the age of 7.
Today, he plays in the team "Football School Almaty", a striker. Every time he participates in friendly matches. Nurislam is a hyperactive boy, also left-handed and very fast. Many people claim that left-handers have strong punches.

Nurislam does not miss training, and at the same time, he studies for one five.- When we win, we forget all the difficulties and
obstacles that we faced. Now I also train myself. We need to keep in shape, " Nurislam said.
Watching my son play football, and the boy's mother developed an interest in this game.

Dance holidays

The 10-year-old daughter of Zahida Kibirova, an accountant of the OBU Cascade HPP, Arzu is engaged in dancing at home. It's her hobby. Arzu is unable to attend the choreography studio this summer due to the quarantine. But this is not a hindrance for the girl.

She picks up music, studies movements independently on the Internet, and makes mini-productions.- Choreography classes have a positive impact on me.
I want to move beautifully and not hesitate to express my emotions in the dance. When I dance, I rest.
According to Arzu's mother, this hobby brings her girl a lot of positive emotions, helps to relax and allows her to simply enjoy life.

Julia's creative activities

Yulia, the 12-year-old daughter of Asel Glushko, a laboratory assistant in the chemical service of the ZTC, was distinguished from childhood by perseverance, accuracy, patience and the desire to learn everything and to have time everywhere. Her parents always supported her in all her endeavors. Julia found her favorite business.
Having once tried to sew clothes for a doll, she became interested in needlework-sewing. Since then, Asel has been teaching her daughter how to properly design a pattern so that the clothes acquire an aesthetic appearance.

In addition, Yulia likes reading poetry and writing interesting stories and fairy tales. Taking part in competitions, Julia won prizes, which interested her even more. And also Yulia is engaged in studying languages-Kazakh and English.

During distance learning, her success in learning languages especially helped. Teachers often praised Julia for quickly and correctly completed tasks. Despite the difficulties of the current moment, she graduated from the fifth grade with excellent results!
Parents, seeing the successes and achievements of their children, are happy and proud of them. Give time and attention to children, teach them patience and hard work, sports and active recreation.