Children of employees of JSC "AlES" tell about their hobbies


Summer holidays are loved by all schoolchildren. Children have more time to pursue their hobbies. The children spend their free time fun and entertaining, combining useful with interesting. We learned about the unusual hobbies of the children of our employees


Creativity and sports – our life

In the family of Nargiz Tavbayeva, an inspector of the safety and labor protection service of CHPP-2, the whole family is engaged in creativity and sports: her husband Olzhas Abil, a process engineer of the department of commissioning and environmental protection of CHPP-2, lifts a barbell, Nargiz, two daughters Ayim and Daria dance professionally, her son Yerasyl goes to the jiu-jitsu section. The girls have been professionally engaged in dancing for a long time, the older one is already 7 years old, and the younger one is 2 years old. They attend a dance club. Ayim and Daria believe that dancing is a real art of life. This is work, discipline, and the art of communication. When we dance , we rejoice, they share. Ayim performs on stage with famous singers Aigul Imanbayeva, Zhazira and Zhanbolat, Asha Matai. Now the girls are engaged online."What they do, my dear daughters, is amazing!
 In their performances, I see the highest level of control over the body, the most complex elements, so unimaginable that I, as a mother, am delighted! In December 2019, we danced the "Andijan Polka" at the National competition "Nurly Zhastar" and won the Grand Prix. I am very glad that I taught my daughters my favorite hobby. Now there are so many diplomas, medals, and cups at home that there is nowhere to put them. I am happy that I have such talented children!  Nargiz Tavbaeva said.

Fifteen-year-old Yerasyl enjoys hand-to-hand combat from the age of 7. Participates in competitions, takes prizes. Now he continues to practice on the outdoor sports field. Yerasyl also loves poetry, he reads poems by Abay Kunanbayev, Omar Khayyam and other authors. Last year, he participated in the Abay-Challenge poetry relay, where he performed the work of the great Kazakh poet "Words of Edification", the seventh word "Ignoramuses and Clickers". Nargiz Tavbaeva is sure that the children's passion will help them in the future.


Astronomy is an amazing science

The fifteen-year-old son of Raushan
Okapova, the head of the accounting department of CHPP-3, is fond of astronomy.- If you want your children not to get carried away with alcohol and drugs, not to get into bad company, and just not ... Astronomy is an opportunity to touch modern science, to join the mass of enthusiastic and interesting people. Astronomy is an amazing science. This is practically mathematics, because we are dealing with abstract quantities. It's a desire: a great motivation to learn and learn new things about the world we live in. This is the desire that appeared in my son - Damir Mamyrbek, a student of the 9th grade, secondary school No. 47, " Raushan Okapova shared.
Damir has shown an interest in astronomy since the age of 10. In November last year, he took part in the
Regional Astronomy Olympiad in Taldykorgan, where he took 3rd place.- This year I worked on the project "Development of search methods for potentially habitable exoplanets". I calculated the distances from the center of the parent star, at which the temperature regime will be similar to the Earth's regime, determined the length of the heat belt of life and the actual planets in the life belt for exoplanetary systems. I thank my scientific supervisors, the Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the teacher of physics of the higher school of Agricultural Sciences. Bekmukhambetov and the scientific consultant Ph. D. L. I. Shestakov, Head of the Laboratory of " Physics of Stars and Nebulae "of the V. G. Astrophysical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Fesenkova".

The project took 1st place at the international competition "Great Progress" in Paris. Participants from different countries were unable to fly to the competition due to the coronavirus quarantine. Therefore, the event was held online. In November of this year, I was invited to participate in the All-Russian Olympiad of educational and Research projects for Children and Youth "Constellation-2020". I hope that I will be able to go to Moscow.– Do not be afraid to support your children in various projects, initiatives, hobbies-said
Raushan Okapova, - this once again proves that you are interested in the child's hobbies, you are not indifferent to his interests, he feels your support, from this your family becomes stronger and happier.
Now Damir is still working on the project. He has global plans for the future, which we need to prepare for.


Live drink from my daughter's hands

The youngest daughter of Almas Yerzhienov, a flaw detector for ultrasonic testing of the 5th category of the service of metals and welding of the PRP "Energoremont", Kausar definitely spends this time usefully. She helps her mother in cooking kumis in a barrel. Ten-year-old Kausar quickly and easily performs all the necessary actions to get the perfect drink. It should be noted that this is not the easiest activity for girls of this age. She gets an unusual foaming drink of milky color, sweet and sour, which perfectly quenches thirst and gives health… And from the hands of her daughter, koumiss turns into a real elixir of health. Parents are proud of their young assistant.


The world of Catalina Gases

The daughter of Viktor Mitskevich, a manual welder of the 4th category of the site for the repair of auxiliary boiler equipment at the CRE-2 PRP "Energoremont", Catalina loves to draw. She is only 4 years old, but she already has her own hobby. The girl draws every day. Catalina can easily draw what she wants.
Mom and dad support their daughter's passion. She was equipped with a special place for drawing, they buy all the necessary
accessories and kits.- It is necessary to see how my daughter's eyes burn when she creates, - Viktor Mickiewicz shares. Parents carefully collect and store Catalina's drawings


How beautiful it is here on Djailau!

Horseback riding, djailau, mountains, healthy natural food - this is a dream for every citizen of Kazakhstan. Children of Batyrkhanov Zhandos, the master of the site for the repair of electrical equipment, thermal automation and measuring instruments at the CRE-2 PRP "Energoremont", adore nature. Every year they spend their holidays with their grandparents on Djailau. Aizhan's favorite activity is riding a horse. She is only 5 years old, at this age she already knows how to ride and is not afraid of horses.
And her younger sister Kausar accompanies her sister.
Children know the habits of horses, take care of them. How beautiful it is here on Djailau: the air is clear, the rains are clear, and the wind is magical!


Sports are the foundation of a healthy life!

The son of Sergey Bychenko, the master of the site for the repair of boiler equipment at the CRE-1 PRP "Energoremont", Vladislav likes to play sports. He is 11 years old and enjoys skateboarding. In his free time, Vladislav and his friends learn skating skills and come up with tricks.
Skateboarding is one of the most popular and iconic street sports. It's more than just a vehicle that requires balance, leg strength, and endurance. Skateboarding can be considered as part of a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Vladislav knows that this is also a dangerous sport, which should be approached with caution.
Even during the period of self-isolation, the boy constantly trains to improve physical coordination and endurance.


Fan with your own hands

Nine-year-old Sagantai Sapargali, the son of Mendygali Rushanov, the head of the Electric Machine Shop of the Kapshagai HPP, has been interested in electrical structures since the age of 6. Dad helps and prompts his son in
everything, explains how to work safely with a soldering iron, together with his son draws connection diagrams, buys the necessary parts.- I like that my son is interested in electrical engineering. This year, during the holidays, he decided to assemble a fan to cool the children's room, " Mendygali Rushanov shared.
Sagantai already has a motor ready. Now he is mounting a mini fan. So the summer in the children's room will be comfortable.


Chief Assistant

The son of the chief human resources specialist Angelina Nesteroy Vova helps parents with household chores. His weekly duty is to chop wood for the bathhouse. And not only that, ten-year-old Vova waters the garden, daily cares for and feeds poultry, maintains order at home and on the site.

And he does it with great pleasure, because Angelina taught her son from childhood to appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of his native home. In her free time from household chores, Vova studies English. But his favorite activity is "driving" on a scooter. He just doesn't part with it. After all, a scooter is a useful thing that carries a certain physical load. Vova learned various tricks, such as jumping on a scooter, riding on the back wheel, riding in reverse, etc. It is constantly being improved.