About repair work at CHPP-3


CHPP-3 is currently the main source of heat supply to the village.Otegen Batyr and TC "GRES", and also provides electricity to the power system and nearby industrial enterprises.

At CHPP-3, the annual schedule of repairs of power equipment continues. As part of the summer repair campaign, work is underway to repair six boiler units and four turbine units, 35/110/220 kV ORU equipment, and six main transformers.

During this time, the technical specialists of CHPP-3 will check the technical condition and configure the equipment, perform maintenance, repair of heating surfaces with replacement of screen pipes, hot package of superheater, air heater cubes, replacement of the drop catcher and swirler. Repairs are carried out to restore the standard performance of the main and auxiliary equipment, to maintain the level of environmental impact within the technical regulations, as well as to ensure safe and reliable operation during the maximum load period.

- All repairs are planned. For the duration of the work, CHPP-3 will continue to perform the tasks of generating electricity according to the plan. By the forces of the PRP "Energoremont", third-party contractors on the basis of concluded contracts. During the first half of the year, the PRP "Energoremont" repaired three boiler units (st. no. 2,5,6), two turbine units and turbo generators ( 2,3,4), three transformers (2T, 4T, 5AT), - said Fazoil Salimov, Managing Director of CHPP-3.

According to Sergey Barmin, Deputy Chief Engineer of CHPP-3, contractors are currently repairing the anti-corrosion protection of the equipment of boiler units, conducting a survey of the equipment to determine the technical condition in order to extend the service life. The repair of the turbine unit of station No. 3 with the replacement of the rotor has been completed.
By the end of October, TPP-3 will finish preparing for the autumn-winter period of 2020-2021. By this time, the power equipment of the plant will be fully ready for reliable and uninterrupted operation in the next heating season.