In the work biography of Isakhan Syrgabayev, there are only two thermal power plants. Isakhan Aktanovich has been working in the Almaty Energy Complex for 38 years, including 12 years as the Managing Director of CHPP-1

In June 2020, he turned 60 years old. We talked with Isakhan Aktanovich about how we managed to remain faithful to the energy sector all these years.

- Which of your parents was the main authority for you?

Of course, my father, a participant in the Great Patriotic War. He served as a pilot, after the war he worked as a veterinarian in the village. I lost my father in high school. My mother lifted the three of us. She worked as a teacher in an elementary school. I really cherish the old photo, where the parents are together, young, beautiful.

- Who influenced your choice of profession?

- The main impetus to enter the energy university was given to me by my older brother. At that time, he was studying at the Polytechnic University and graduating from the Faculty of Energy. I think it is my great success in life that I entered the energy university.


- What were the first steps in your chosen profession?

-I got a job at CHPP-2 as a boiler shop mechanic. To rise to the position, it was necessary to pass three exams: the motorist of the bagernaya pumping station, the duty locksmith and the crawler of the GZU. After you master and master the "minus mark", you can pass the exam for the crawler of the main equipment. For 10 years, he worked as a mill operator for grinding fuel, as a boiler equipment crawler, as a senior engineer of the boiler shop of CHPP-2. It is necessary to work as a machinist for many years to thoroughly study and understand the equipment. After all, the production of electric and thermal energy is a long, difficult and complicated process. Incorrect disconnection, switching can lead to an irreversible accident. Thousands of people work here to ensure that every apartment has light, heat and hot water. I have always tried to be not just an energy specialist, but a specialist. In May 1992, he became the shift manager of the boiler shop. Since April 2005, he worked for two years as the chief engineer of the Almaty CHPP-2.


Touches to the portrait - I worked as a motorist of the bagher pumping station of
 the boiler shop under the watchful and sensitive leadership of Isakhan Aktanovich Syrgabayev, at that time he worked as the head of the boiler shop. The distinctive features of Isakhan Aktanovich are patriotism, dedication, commitment to the company's goals, willingness to take responsibility, work with full dedication, at a high professional level.
Askhar Shanlakbayev, Managing Director of CHPP-2.

- What qualities do you think a power engineer should have?


- This is, first of all, hard work, efficiency, dedication to energy, patriotism and, of course, you must be a romantic at heart. All these qualities were instilled in me at the beginning of my journey by such power engineers with a capital letter as Orazbayev B. E., Kalendarev A. N., Sisenbayev S. S. and a large number of other mentors, colleagues and friends.

- What advice can you give to young power engineers?


They are not afraid of difficulties. As they say, the eyes are afraid, but the hands do. Don't be lazy. Learning, learning. Work on yourself. Engage in increasing the level of self-education.

- Your idol, the person from whom you learned a lot?

– My idol is Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev. This is a large-scale great man. What we have now is largely laid down and made by him and his associates. Under D. A. Kunayev has achieved a significant economic recovery in Kazakhstan, significantly increased the industrial and energy potential of our republic. I was at the 100th anniversary of D. A.'s birth. Kunaeva in Bakanas.

- What helps you make the right decision in difficult situations?

- Probably, my qualification, my experience. I'm used to making decisions. Everyone is waiting for me to make a decision, both at home and at work.

- What do you dislike most?

- Cowardice.

- Do you have your own motto?

- Now my motto is not to get sick!

-If you had a chance to change something in your life, what would you do?

-I would have studied further, deeper and more.


The finishing touches to the portrait are
Isakhan Aktanovich, a man with a crystal clear soul and a heart of gold, a loyal friend and a wise mentor. A professional and attentive manager. A caring husband, father, grandfather.Fazoil Salimov, Managing Director of CHPP-3.

- What was the best, most significant gift in your life?

- When I worked as a crawler, I became a winner of socialist labor and I was given a simple mechanical alarm clock. He served me for a long time. I've fixed it several times. This is the best gift-my good old mechanical alarm clock.

- How do you spend your free time?

- I deal with my granddaughters. I have three children and ten grandchildren. I dream of putting them all on their feet. I play billiards.

- If you could witness any event from the past, present or future, which would you choose?

- You have to live in the present. Learn from the past and remember it, and set goals for the future. And you have to live in the present.

- How is your working morning going?


- I get up early at 5: 30. I'm already at work at 7: 00. I get reports, go to the main shield, then to the block shields. At 8.00, the working day, the planning meeting, etc., already begins.

Touches to the portrait - Under the
leadership of Isakhan Aktanovich, work was carried out on the reconstruction of ash-collecting installations of two boilers, the elimination of waste water from the equipment and structures of CHPP-1, the modernization of the burner devices of power boilers. The project commissioned by the Mayor's Office of Almaty "Reconstruction of CHPP-1 for receiving heat from CHPP-2" was implemented. Almaty".
Mukhtar Yergarin, Deputy Managing Director for the provision of CHPP-1.

- Tell us about interesting cases that you remember?


- I remember one story. I was working on the second shield of the station, it was the end of the eighties. There was an earthquake in Almaty, and I stood in the doorway as expected. I stand and look at the remote control. The people were busy. Then everything calmed down. Here comes one of the crawlers of the turbine shop Oleg Kashchaev and says: "Isakhan, I've done such things here. I was sent to warm up a cold pipeline. I began to open it, as it should be a little bit, a little bit. And then the station shakes. People were running. I must have opened the latch very hard, and when I quickly closed it, everything calmed down." I didn't understand it at first, of course, until he told the chief engineer again. It was only then that we realized that an earthquake had occurred just as he was opening the latch. We all laughed together over the incident for a long time.

And the second case was in the early nineties in the winter. It was very cold. We broke one pipeline on the weld seam. It was necessary to urgently eliminate the accident. To do this, it was necessary to empty the pipeline. And it is difficult to do this, since the pipeline stretches for many kilometers. We cook with the contractor, and the pipe bursts, bursts, bursts. We drilled holes, but still water accumulates. We fixed the gap from 6 pm to 4 am. They were frozen, standing knee-deep in the mud of water and snow. It's 18 degrees below zero outside. But surprisingly, no one got sick. He didn't even sneeze. That's what it means to get together and do your job.

- What are your plans for the future?


- Prepare a shift. Young people are growing up. The guys working at the station are talented and responsible. My main goals are to preserve the personnel, prevent technological violations and prepare the personnel reserve. Now that the whole world is facing the covid-19 epidemic, I wish you all good health and prosperity to our company!

Touches to the portrait With the direct
participation of Isakhan Aktanovich, a lot of work was done to implement the full transition of the Almaty CHPP-1 to natural gas combustion.
The possibility of using reverse osmosis equipment for the preparation of desalinated water is evaluated. He headed the working group on the installation of reverse osmosis equipment in the chemical shop of Almaty CHPP-1. After the commissioning of this plant, the consumption of dangerous reagents of sulfuric acid was reduced by 2.7 times, and alkali by 2.1 times.
High professionalism and a clear understanding of the tasks of Isakhan Aktanovich ensured the implementation and implementation of such projects as the introduction of an integrated system for the protection of CHPP-1, the construction of its own water intake of CHPP-1, the re-routing of the clarified pipeline and many other projects for CHPP-1.