During the summer period, eight boiler units, six turbine units and auxiliary equipment of the power plant must be prepared for operation in the winter period at CHPP-2.

The repair campaign began in March 2020. Currently, the personnel of the PRP "Energoremont" have already completed the repairs of two turbine units (st. No. 1 and st. No. 4) and two boiler units (st. No. 1 and st. No. 3), the restoration work of their auxiliary equipment has been carried out.

Contractors have repaired the station's lighting network, manufactured and replaced the air heater cubes, replaced the ceiling front screen and the boiler
superheater screen.- All repairs are carried out in accordance with the established schedule, - said Askar Shanlakbayev, Managing Director of CHPP-2.

It is necessary to perform work on the repair of reinforced concrete flues to the chimneys, on the repair of electric motors and control and measuring devices, work on cleaning the heating surfaces of condensers and network water heaters.
The main task of power engineers in the inter-heating period is to prepare for the upcoming heating season in a high-quality and timely manner to ensure trouble-free operation of the power plant and reliable supply of electric and thermal energy to consumers in Almaty and the Almaty region.