Since January 22 of this year, the repair campaign of the Kapshagai HPP has officially started. A significant amount of work is planned.

The first to start the repair of hydraulic unit No. 1. Under the guidance and supervision of Kapshagayskaya HPP specialists, the specialized contractors of Universstroy LLP successfully carried out major repairs of the hydroelectric unit, with disassembly, instrumental surveys and determination of the remaining resource.

- We can't say that the work went smoothly. During the repair, additional volumes were identified for reclining the grooves of the stator winding of the hydrogenerator, for eliminating damage and cracks on the metal lining and restoring the glazed concrete base in the turbine impeller chamber, " said Bakdaulet Ustenov, Managing Director of the Kapshagayskaya HPP. - All defects were eliminated by joint efforts. The hydraulic unit is switched on under load at 23: 52 hours on May 22, 2020. It has worked 48 hours of controlled operation-the repair is officially completed.

The very next day, on May 23, hydroelectric unit No. 3 was put into scheduled repair. The repair personnel of the electric machine shop of the Kapshagayskaya HPP carry out routine repairs of the main components of the hydraulic unit, the T-3 power transformer, the 22T self-service transformer and auxiliary equipment.
There are still planned routine repairs of hydraulic units No. 2, No. 4, transformers T-2 and T-4, auxiliary and general station equipment, as well as buildings and hydraulic structures of the station.

Reference: hydraulic turbine PL2-50-642-B-650 station No. 1, commissioned in 1970. During the operation of the hydroelectric unit, planned routine and major repairs were carried out in volumes and in time in accordance with the current regulatory and technical documents.
In 2012, a major repair of the hydraulic unit was carried out, with disassembly, instrumental surveys and determination of the remaining resource. The service life was extended until 2020.