In May 2020, Samruk-Energo JSC launched the Project "SKE. 01. 01. P" Implementation of a new model for integrated security management", the 3rd wave (hereinafter referred to as the Project).

Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES" N. Mukhamed-Rakhimov and Head of the Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection M. Akylbay took part in the installation meeting held on May 14, 2020, which was chaired by the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "Samruk - Energy" B. Zhulamanov-the Project Sponsor.

So what is this Project? Why the 3rd Wave? When were the 1st and 2nd Waves? These questions are asked by all employees of JSC "AlES".

All three Waves are not separate stages of Project implementation, but the process of Project implementation in a certain territory.

The 3rd Wave includes subsidiaries of JSC "Samruk-Energy" of the Almaty region – Almaty and Almaty region. These are JSC "AlES", JSC "AZhK" , and LLP "Samruk-GreenEnergy".

Project SKE. 01. 01.P is a project to implement a new integrated security management model.

This project is a large-scale work that defines modern methods of approach to the organization and functioning of the industrial safety and labor protection management system, based on the involvement of each employee in the labor protection process, the responsibility of each employee for compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and labor protection, the creation and maintenance of safe working conditions for all employees by each employee.

The goals and objectives of the Project are:

·                   Reduction of injuries and severity of injuries to employees of JSC "AlES"»;

·                   Improving the safety culture through the involvement of employees in the process of creating safe working conditions and motivating the participation of each employee in this direction;

·                   Introduction of new methods / standards in the field of industrial safety, labor protection.

Of course, the implementation of the Project itself, the change in the thinking of the Company's employees about the modern organization of labor protection will not happen in one day, and it will take some time. The Project implementation process is divided into 5 consecutive phases:

·                   Phase 0 "Project Launch" - must be completed by June 30, 2020 and determines the implementation of preparatory work (project presentation, determination of the composition of working groups, etc.).);

·                   Phase 1 "Conceptual design of the Project" - should be completed by October 30, 2020 and defines the key features of the structure in the Department of industrial safety and Labor protection, based on the specifics of the organizational structure of JSC " AlES»;

·                   Phase 2 "Project Implementation" - must be completed by March 30, 2021 and determines the start of the Project implementation.

·                   Phase 3 "Preparation and launch of Project processes" - must be completed by July 30, 2021 and determines the functioning of already implemented processes, their completion (if there are inaccuracies or imperfections) and the introduction of additional (if necessary) processes;

·                   Phase 4 "Monitoring and support of Project processes" - must be completed by December 30, 2021 and determines the functioning of all processes, their efficiency and viability, and the completion of the entire Project.

At all phases of the Project implementation, new documents will be developed, the necessary training will be conducted, explanatory work will be carried out and information about the achieved results of the Project implementation and upcoming tasks will be communicated to all employees.

The implementation of each phase of the Project individually, and the entire Project as a whole, will require the knowledge, experience, opinion and strength of each employee of the Company to achieve the common goal of creating a safe working environment for all!