JSC "Samruk-Energo", as a production holding, strives to reduce the number of accidents of employees. The project of the company's Transformation Program – "Introduction of a new model for managing industrial safety" - contributes to improving occupational safety at work. Bakitzhan Zhulamanov, the project sponsor and Chairman of the Management Board of Samruk-Energo, announced the upcoming changes in AlES JSC, AZhK JSC and Samruk Green Energy LLP.

Bakitzhan Zhulamanov addressed the heads of subsidiaries and affiliates and announced the upcoming work to improve, first of all, the safety culture at work.

"The project is aimed at improving the safety culture, reducing injuries and, in general, preserving the lives and health of employees at work. It includes the introduction of new standards, practical tools that will help raise the level of awareness of employees and change outdated approaches, " the sponsor said.
Given the large scope of the project, which covers large subsidiaries, more than 6 thousand employees, Bakitzhan Zhulamanov appointed Edil Kopenov, Managing Director for Business Transformation, as a co-Sponsor of the project. He has all the authority to manage the project.The co-sponsor explained that this meeting is aimed at timely informing the leaders of organizations and managers about the upcoming changes in their subsidiaries and affiliates.
 Because the personal example of the manager and his personal responsibility can contribute to the successful implementation of the project.
The project manager Tulegen Maksilov, as an example, cited a case at one of the enterprises where security issues are given great attention. "The introductory briefing at this enterprise was conducted by the first head. A recording was made in advance, which was shown to visitors, employees, etc. The very fact shows his attitude to the labor protection system. And his subordinates will also strive not to break the rules."
Serik Tyutebayev, Managing Director for Production and Asset Management, noted the impact of a number of other processes on the occupational safety and health system.
"For the timely implementation of competitive procedures and the allocation of appropriate funding, it is necessary to involve persons responsible for budget planning, organization of procurement of goods and services, and holding tenders in the issues of labor safety and health." The presence of such risks as late budgeting or the purchase of workwear can become one of the causes of accidents at work.
At the end of the meeting, Bakitzhan Zhulamanov instructed the heads of the SDCs to take personal responsibility for the implementation of the project and provide comprehensive support to the project team. Co-sponsor Edil Kopenov proposed to fix in the Protocol the deadlines for the mobilization of the project team, the preparation of the necessary documents and the Order to start the project.
The project is scheduled to start by June 15 this year.