At the Kapshagayskaya HPP, there is a good tradition to congratulate its veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Viktor Pavlovich Gulyaev

This year was no exception: the activists of the Kapshagai HPP, led by the Managing Director, visited the veteran to please him and express their immense gratitude for freedom and peaceful skies.
Viktor Pavlovich participated in the liberation of the south of Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova from the Nazis as part of the Guards Red Banner Tank Brigade. For the defeat of the headquarters of the 6th German Army, he received the Order of the "Red Star". He liberated Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Viktor Pavlovich has 38 combat, anniversary and labor awards. On duty, he supervised the construction and operation of the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station. For his great contribution to the development of the Kapshagai power station, the power engineers consider him their own.- Viktor Pavlovich has not lost his optimism and love of life.
 During a tea party at his house, he told us stories of the past years related to the wartime and his personal life. Sometimes he joked, which is very pleasing, because laughter prolongs life! The warm relations of our veteran with his great-grandson cannot but be touched, the baby repeatedly approached his great-grandfather and tried to attract his attention, which amused us very much, - said Irina Podskrebkina, the chairman of the Trade Union Committee of the Kapshagayskaya HPP.

- All the further time takes away from us the terrible war years. But the feat of people who managed to preserve the world for future generations is beyond time! Our veteran Viktor Pavlovich is 94 years old. We try to visit him more often, we congratulate him on the holidays. Viktor Pavlovich shares his memories with us. He shows us his photo album. He remembers the parade in Moscow, to which he was invited. We are deeply indebted to the veterans, we are sincerely proud of them and keep their eternal memory, " said Bagdaulet Ustenov, Managing Director of the Kapshagai hydroelectric power Station.

The veteran was presented with 500,000 tenge from JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" and a food basket.