AlES employees shared their plans


The coronavirus quarantine in Kazakhstan will end soon. Dreams of what we will do first, when we will be allowed to meet with friends, go to the mountains, go to training, go for a walk, open cafes, restaurants, cinemas-make us smile.
This is what AlES employees dream of:

Kainar Shylgaubay, electrician for the repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments of power plants of the PRP "Energoremont": — I will go to my parents, because I miss them very much. I will see my relatives who are in remote places. We will all come together and enjoy the beautiful moments.

Alexander Kan, Senior Inspector for TE CHPP-1:- I'm going to the gym.

Fariza Botakarayeva, Leading Software
Engineer of the PRP " Energoremont»:- We will resume the activities of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" according to the action plan for 2020 - the "Year of Volunteers".

Ibragim Suanbekov, master of URTO-1PRP " Energoremont»:"We're working for you.

You stay at home for us.
After all, the main thing in life for us is that the family is healthy.

I only dream of one thing.
When the blockade is over, I will finally return to my home.

And this is the best joy.

Aidana Kulzhabay, process engineer of the chemical shop of CHPP-2:- I'll take a working vacation.

Maksat Yeshmaganbetov, Head of the PTO of the PRP " Energoremont»:- First of all, I will go to my parents

Galina Gorbovskaya, Head of HR Department, CHPP-3:- I dream of going to the barber shop.

Zhantemir Kaigaltarov, Design engineer of PRP " Energoremont":"I'll go to the mountains."

Huseyn Nauruzov, flaw detector specialist of the PRP " Energoremont":- I'll meet some friends.

Sagi Aitbayev, flaw detector of the Service of Metals and Welding of the PRP " Energoremont":- I'll relax in nature.

Bakytzhan Sailybayev, master of the production site for the repair of CHPP-1:The quarantine will end soon.

And the first thing I dream of!
Come home to your family, Like a mother I embrace.
 I know that everyone is waiting for me,I know that they love and miss me.

And soon I will come home, Everything will be better I believe, I know!!!

The staff of the AMC PRP " Energoremont»:On the left, Zhomikhail Novokshonov, master: "I'm going to the car wash."

Mikhail Melikhov, locksmith of the 5th category: "I will call all my friends to visit."
Pavel Ivanchenko, Lead Pre-production Engineer: "I'll meet some friends."
Adalyad Israilova, locksmith of the 4th category: "I will go to the mountains."
Zhandos Kacheev, master: "I will celebrate the May holidays with my family."
Vyacheslav Groznetsky, the turner-rastochnik of the 6th category: "I will go to a bath".
Berik Dosalinov, the turner of the 6th category, "I will go to the family".
Daulet Myrzhikbayev, a locksmith of the 6th category: "I will go to the barber shop."
Andrey Krasyukov, locksmith of the 6th category: "I will have a rest in nature".

Asset Amirbekov, engineer of the repair service of CHPP-1: - I will go to Karaganda to visit my family and friends.

Arten Shabakov, Chief Specialist of the repair monitoring Service:- I will return with the computer to work at the desktop, in the working environment.
 I will go to my parents with my family, so that they can see their loved ones. Grandchildren we are together!

Beibit Maksutov, Head of the department of CRE-1 PRP " Energoremont»:- From the
first day of the quarantine announcement, I dream of meeting my beloved family. Which I exist for the first moment after the opening of the border and the end of the quarantine. And I will also invite all my relatives and friends to my home, where I will find peace of mind.

Saken Tyutebayev, Managing Director of Energoremont PRP»:- After the quarantine, first of all, I will go to my mother in the city of Nur-Sultan!!!

Korkemzhan Rashiduly, the leading engineer on the organization of production management of PRP " Energoremont»:- First of all, I will do this. I will go to my parents and grandparents and give them a big hug and tell them how much I missed them.
 Then I will gather all my relatives for a big dastarkhan. We will be happy to meet you and have fun! Second, I will go to the mountains, breathe the air of the majestic mountains and admire the beauty!

Askhat Bertaev, senior inspector of TBiOT CHPP-3 - First of all, after the quarantine, we go on a picnic as a family.

Bakytzhan Kasymzhan, electrician for the repair of relay protection equipment and automation of CHPP-1: - First of all, I want to hug those who I can't hug now.
 I didn't think it would be so difficult to maintain a physical distance from close people. After that, I will gather as many friends close to me as possible for a trip to the traditional Mayevka in the mountains: tents, a guitar next to the fire. No one online, just live chat!

Everyone's dreams and desires were different. But the most important dream for everyone is live communication. This is the most valuable thing a person has in life.

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