Apple trees planted last year have bloomed at the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station

A good deed is always meaningful. And if it bears fruit, it is doubly important. In April 2019, employees of the Kapshagai hydroelectric power plant planted 100 saplings of apple trees.- Every year we are pleased with the harvest of lemons from our lemonary.
 In the spring of last year, we decided to continue the good tradition and planted an apple alley to make our contribution to the landscaping and improvement of our native station. Today we are pleased with small flowering seedlings. This is the result of our joint efforts and care, " said Bakdaulet Ustenov, Managing Director of the Kapshagai hydroelectric power Station.

Each seedling found its place, started and got stronger in a year. The employees of the station are sure that in the future the apple alley will delight with its harvest. The Kapshagai HPP decided to continue this good tradition.