In April 2020, the Honored worker of the ZTC – the coryphaeus of energy Vladimir Alekseevich Smirnov will retire. For more than forty years, the professional worked in our department. He started as a boiler room driver, but today he is leaving for a well-deserved rest from the most responsible position – the head of the ZTC shift.
Here is what Sergey Popov, Deputy Chief Engineer, said about Vladimir Alekseevich: "He devoted his entire working life to working at the Western Thermal Complex. Here he knows every hummock, every valve. Deep knowledge and extensive experience help to correctly solve complex problems in the organization of heat supply in Almaty, to get out of emergency situations. The veteran power engineer has always passed on his experience to the younger generation, and shift managers and ZTC management listen to his advice.
Vladimir Alekseevich wholeheartedly supports the production, points out the problem areas, participates in the organization and acceptance of repair work. Before leaving for a well-deserved rest, for 15 years, I prepared a decent shift, passing on all the subtleties and nuances of my work.

I sincerely wish Vladimir Alekseevich good health and long life from our team. We will always be happy to see you at ZTC."- I came as a 20-year-old boy to the
ZTC. For 23 years, my mentor was Vladimir Alekseevich. Working with him, I learned that you need to really love your business, take responsibility for yourself, get along with both equipment and people, - said Maxim Ivantsov, the receiver of V. A. Smirnov. "I'm really lucky to have such a mentor!"

Vladimir Alekseevich modestly spoke about his career path:- I started in 1976 at the Guryevskaya CHPP, then Novokuznetsk CHPP, worked a little in Siberia.
 Then he served in the Soviet Army. And then-I came to the ZTC on the recommendation of a friend. That's my whole life. I worked and worked and didn't think that time would pass so quickly.
Very modestly and succinctly, Vladimir Alekseevich described his career path. A person who has been brought up by daily work, a sense of great responsibility for his work and, of course, a great love for his business and for his team.
Seeing off real professionals on a well-deserved vacation, there is a nagging feeling of sadness and at the same time awe before them, infinite gratitude and respect. We love and appreciate you very much, Vladimir Alekseevich!
With great love, your ZTC team.