Employees of CHPP-3 do not forget their veteran Vasily Matveyevich Zayts.

Every year, the station employees congratulate him on all the holidays, help with the housework. In the conditions of the coronavirus quarantine, at the initiative of the CHPP-3 labor collective, it was decided to pay special attention to the veteran, because the elderly are at the greatest risk of infection. - We have been visiting Vasily Matveevich for many years. This is a person who has passed a decent military and labor path. In November 1943, he was drafted into the Red Army. Vasily Matveyevich received a combat "baptism" near Vyazma. He fought his way to Orsha, Baranovichi, and then to the shores of the Baltic Sea. He was wounded, treated, and returned to the army. He served until October 1950, when he was discharged. In 1960, he joined the power industry – at our Almaty GRES. He has mastered many working specialties: a locksmith, a mill driver, a baggery driver, a boiler driver. In total, he worked in the energy sector for 28 years. To his front - line awards-the Order of the "Patriotic War", two medals "For Bravery", Polish awards "For Freedom and Liberty", "For the capture of Odyrneisen and the Baltic", labor awards and titles were added, - said Marat Amir, Deputy Managing Director of CHPP-3.

Galina Gorbovskaya, head of the personnel department of the station added: "JSC" Almaty Electric Power Stations " always supports its veterans, and, of course, we could not stay away even now, at a particularly difficult time for the elderly. The main thing is that the veteran remembers that no one forgets about him, we are always there and ready to provide any support." During the visit of the veteran, the employees of the CHPP-3 were provided with the necessary personal protective equipment, the food basket was handed over according to all the rules of sanitary safety. - Thank you very much for your concern! I feel good, and thanks to you, I feel even better. We hope that the situation will normalize, everything will be fine, " veteran Vasily Matveyevich Zayats addressed the workers of CHPP-3. On April 24, Vasily Matveevich turns 94. He is surrounded by a large and loving family – children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. As they say, God grant him the same good health and memory as now.