The company purchased 140,000 medical masks, 700 liters of antiseptic liquid, 5,000 pairs of medical gloves, etc.

JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" continues to operate normally during the quarantine. The personnel responsible for continuous production, as well as some of the personnel responsible for the repair and maintenance of equipment, work as usual. Before entering work, workers treat their hands with antiseptic and medical staff use a non-contact thermometer to measure their body temperature.

- All employees use medical masks and gloves. To date, the entire staff (2,446 people) is provided with medical masks and antiseptic agents. 140,000 medical masks, 700 liters of antiseptic liquid, 9 non-contact thermometers, 20 wall sanitizers and 5,000 pairs of medical gloves were purchased. Sanitary treatment of working and household premises with the use of disinfectants is carried out twice a day.

In places of large crowds and common use, there are wall sanitizers for hand treatment. Vehicles for the delivery of personnel of CHPP-2, CHPP-3, Kapshagayskaya HPP, Cascade HPP and PRP "Energoremont" are sanitized before entering the route and after the delivery of personnel, - said Marat Akylbay, Head of the Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection. A number of managers and specialists whose age is 55 years and above, as well as employees with chronic diseases, disabilities, and pregnant women have been transferred to remote work mode.The task of each manager is to build a work plan for his department in the new conditions.

Daily meetings of the "Rapid Response Headquarters in connection with the complication of the epidemiological situation" are held and the responsible duty officers for JSC "AlES"are on duty around the clock. Records are kept of personnel entering the workplace with the control of temporary disability and the type of morbidity. The Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES" asked his colleagues to strictly adhere to the established rules of movement – "home-work-home", to observe all safety and hygiene measures. Where the production process allows, avoid the accumulation of employees, limit personal contacts as much as possible, using all types of corporate communication.