Ales: i have received practical experience and find real mentors and friends

Daniyar Zhunusov, a participant in the Zhasurken project, completed the rotation at TPP-1

-“In December, my practice at CHPP-1 ended,” Daniyar Zhunusov shared. -Five months passed unnoticed. The station staff will remain in my heart forever. These are very smart and open professionals who are always ready to help. During this time I gained a lot of practical experience, which I will apply in future life. In August, when I arrived at the station, we, with my mentor, the head of the electrical workshop, Dinmukhamed Burambaevich Aymuratov, developed a plan for the rotation. I was very lucky that my mentor became my older brother.


- I worked in the electric workshop, the unit "Main circuit", the relay protection and automation service. I’m an energy engineer by training, and when I got into this service I was immensely happy, because in the energy sector, relays are considered an elite. We were responsible for the proper operation of the electrical protections and automation of the station. I managed to get to know and know the technological process from the inside. Summing up the rotation, I can confidently say that the rotation was very productive. Firstly, it is connected with gaining experience, and secondly, I met new people with whom we will remain good friends for many years!

-Recall that the duration of the internship at TPP-1 Daniyar Zhunusov was 5 months, the entire program of advanced training of young specialists "ZhasOrken" is designed for 20 months. The program attracts the best and talented graduates to work in the companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Fund.

This is not only training in the workplace, but also a means of developing and promoting young people with professional views and an active civic position. In 2019, about 4,500 applications were received for participation in the "ZhasOrken" 019 program.