In mid-September 2019, the second group of employees of JSC «AlES» this year underwent training on the program «Fundamentals of labor legislation and skills of the negotiation process for members of the conciliation commission». The training for members of the conciliation commission includes different stages and programs, each of them which focuses on a specific topic necessary for the effective work of the conciliation commission.

Member of the conciliation commission Aleksey Skryabin, head of the Operations and Repair Department, noted: «Corporate training should not be for check and receive a certificate. It should bring the expected result and to be applied in the work. I liked the teaching methodology. Wesorted out specific videos and discussed cases.»

-The teacher conducted the training in a non-forced environment, each of us was involved in the process, we fluently expressed our thoughts, our point of view and discussed,-shared her impressionsAinurTemirbaeva, leading engineer for personnel and training of Western Thermal Complex. - I liked the training bythat wewere divided into teams and protected our projects. It was interesting to hear different options for solving one topic and discussions were held. The topic of training is very relevant, we learned how to use tools, got all the necessary skills and abilities. Participants who already participated in the Conciliation Commissions shared their experiences and which was very important, we spoke ourselves all the pros and cons and it was very useful for us. Another plus is that it was a good opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments and get to know each other.

-I liked the practical study of the case. During the training, there was a constant dialogue between the teacher and us. The training was productive, - sharedZhadyraSoltanova, head of the HR department at TPP-2.

In order to achieve good results in training, it is very important to adhere to a holistic approach, therefore «AlES» JSC conducts annual training. This year, more than 35 members of the conciliation commissions were trained in two groups.