АлЭС: меня поразила масштабность производства

On September 13, 2019,at JSC«AlES» was held a meeting under the program«JasOrken». The meeting was attended by young professionals - program participants and mentors, as well as managers and personnel of production departments were connected via video link.

-The program for the development of young specialists «ZhasOrken»aims to attract and train the best and most talented graduates for subsequent employment in the companies of the «Samruk-Kazyna» Foundation,-said AsselAktileuova, project coordinator of «Samruk-Kazyna» Corporate University. - But this is not training at the workplace for a specific position in the company, but an instrument for the formation and development of new generation managers with an active civic position and broad professional horizons.

JSC «AlmatyElectricStations»:

-When I first came to the station, I was very worried. At first it seemed to me that I was in the USSR. Previously, I represented turbine shops only ina photo. But having seen everything, I experienced completely different sensations. I was struck by the scale of production !!! At the station employs professionals, open and responsible people. Every day we have an active exchange of opinions. It is easy for me to learn new things, especially in the field of relay protection, labor protection, etc. I am constantly updating my knowledge base.

We remind you that the rotation at TPP-1 Daniyar Zhunussovwill be held until December 27, 2019. Daniyar’s mentor-Dinmukhamed Aymuratov, head of the electrical workshop of TPP-1. Now they are working on two projects: to increase the reliability of the cable compartment of the switchgear and the installation for air purification.