The most mystical, by superstition, the day turned out to be the most fascinating, fun and filled with positive emotions for the financial block of JSC “AlES”. Our "authoritative financial gurus" for the whole day turned into joyful and noisy children, who enthusiastically passed various sports competitions and intellectual competitions.

-The idea of team building is itself - to rally the team and build the skills of employees to solve problems together and achieve a common goal,- said ZhanarAltybaeva, Chief Accountant of JSC “AlES”. -All contests and competitions were selected and arranged by specialists in such a way that the team could develop a strategy aimed at winning, and each player of the team was its important link. In the teambuilding has been attended by 40 employees of the financial unit of the Head Office and all production departments.

The venue was for teambuilding - the sports complex “Baganashyl”, which was ideally suited for these purposes, played an important role in encouraging employees to actively participate in the games.Clear and sunny weather made it possible to conduct the first half of the event on a soccer field in the fresh air. After a delicious dinner, the event continued in a cozy conference room with a terrace overlooking the mountains. The emotions of participants caused by joint games can be seen in the photos!