In October, there will be already a year when the Teacher and Engineer with a capital letter Kezhek Bershenovich Iskakov passed away. He was born in the village of Zharkemir in Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region and lived a bright, eventful life filled with creative work. Of his 87 years of live, he spent 46 years directly in production. Among the first graduates of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, he began working at TPP-1 in Almaty and went from an electrician to the head of an electrical workshop, worked in heating and electricity networks, then headed the republican center «Kaztehenergo» (Kazenergonaladka) for 25 years.

Kezhek Bershenovich made an invaluable contribution to the development of energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He brought up a galaxy of power engineers who are now successfully working in theenergy sectorof republic. Kezhek Bershenovich - candidate of technical sciences, professor, member of the National Academy of Engineering, veteran power engineer of Kazakhstan and honorary power engineer of the USSR. His extraordinary talent as an outstanding organizer, author of several journalistic books and many scientific and technical works earned deep respect and love of both scientists and energy practitioners.

In his book "Notes of an engineer ..." our aksakal recalls what he lived and experienced. These are lively pages dedicated to the life of Kazakh hinterland, the Great Patriotic War, the development of the energy industry, the formation of independent Kazakhstan. And how many extraordinary human destinies pass in this book! These are not only well-known power engineers - academicians Shafik Chokinovich Chokin and Timofey Ivanovich Baturov, not only his friends - Atabak Omarovich Arystanov, Akhmadi Kudaibergenovich Dzharzhanov, Yevgeniy Fedorovich Markov, Murat Gazizovich Salamatov, Bulat Gazizovich Nurzhanov,Mukhambetkazy Tazhin,but also personalities significant in the history of culture - Sabit Mukanov, Malik Gabdullin, Baurzhan Momyshuly and others.

Kezhek Bershenovich was attentive to all the tasks assigned to him, he understood almost all issues, and approached the solution of many as a true patriot and a person with an active civic position. He followed the rules - any issue can be resolved through a constructive dialogue.

He read a lot and was a skillful conversation master, an excellent speaker and principal, but at the same time correct interlocutor. He was characterized by an amazing and very important skilled person- the ability of hearing and listening someone, the ability of supporting personand helping him on time and correctly.

- I have never lost contact with my native places. I am proud of the title of Honorary Citizen of my region,-admittedKezhek-aga - it’s Mugalzhar district, the Emba River, the current place which rich of oil and gas -Zhanazhol. Maybe, from our abandonment in the deep steppe, my dream arose to become a good engineer, to learn the secrets of electricity: why do Ilyich’s bulbs burn somewhere, and in our village there are kerosene lamp?

We think that he was able to fulfill this vital task. And an example of love for one’s home, his native place is worthy of imitation.

Kezhek Bershenovich will forever remain in our memory as a professional of the highest class, a responsible leader and a wonderful person. He was from that category of people who are bright personalities not only of their time, but also in the history of our country.