On August 29, 2019, JSC «AlES» summed up the results of the contest of company’s employees children's drawings, which has been held for the seventh year already. In total in the competition 94 drawings were participated made by gouache, watercolors and mixed media. Creative works were divided into three themes: “Dad, Mom and me - a happy family” (3-7 years old), “Energy of the future” (8-12 years old), “My Motherland - Kazakhstan” (13-16 years old).

-The best works of the children were sent in July to the competition committee of the NGO «Local Union Samruk-Energy», - said Valery Sitdikov, Deputy Chairman of the Local Union «Energy ». - We are sincerely glad that the work of our children won prizes in the nomination «My Motherland –Kazakhstan» in the competition of childrens drawings among the children of employees of «Samruk-Energy» JSC Group of Companies. The first place was given toMargarita Lankina’s work(16 years old), whose daughter is Inessa Lankina, laboratory assistant for chemical analysis at the Kapshagai hydroelectric station, the third place was taken by Arvida Mamirova (13 years old) who is Dinara Zhakupova’s daughter, leading engineer of the Repair Service of TPP-1.And the third place in the nomination «Energy of the Future» is by Eduard Chudakov (10 years old), the son of the head of the SBTU group of the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Plants -Yuriy Chudakov, The children received diplomas of «Samruk-Energy» JSC and valuable prizes.

Every year we are pleased to take part in this competition. Last year, my work took first place. This year, in summing up the results of the competition at JSC «AlES», we wrote wishes to our parents and the entire company at JSC «AlES» and decorated the trees. We were shown dog shows. It was very interesting and fun, - shared her impressions Dariya Kulinich (14 years old)the daughter oftypist of pumping units at TPP-2-Natalia Kulinich.




All the children who participated in the childrens drawing competition at JSC «AlES» were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.