In August 2019, the final meeting of power engineerstook place with the children of the Edelweiss summer health camp. 80 children were waiting with interest for Ghosh and the magic of chemistry.

The first in front of the children were the workers of the chemical workshop, process engineer AidanaKhulzhabay and operator of chemical water treatment Dana Khulpeis with their show “Magic of Chemistry”.

-Many of us, in our conversations, having learned that you are a chemist, immediately begin to speak with a pronounced emotion:“ I hate chemistry since school times. ” Although chemistry is an interesting and very complex science. It tells us how substances with the most different properties are formed from atoms of the same elements. Chemistry is our life! - AidanaKhulzhabay shared. - When we met with the children, we started the conversation with the question “What is chemistry?” Andwe were surprised with the answers of the children, because everyone answered correctly and a little “in his own way”. To the question “What do you want, science or magic?” We heard a great more answers, and decided to let the children feel like as “chemists” and “wizards”.

The children were invited to the scene and the "chemical show" began. Of course, when performing chemical experiments, all safety rules and fire safety rules were observed.

- The first experiment was called "Rainbow", which showed color changes through different reagents. The child added the “magic elixir” to the flask with water, and the words “Abracadabra” were spoken and the “magic elixir” was again added. As a result, we got completely different color solutions, - continued AidanaKhulzhabay. - Famous phrases of cartoon characters were again pronounced, and the colors changed before our eyes! There were a lot of children's emotions andendless questions “how?”

The next experiment is devoted to changing the type of substance, the substances interacting with each other formed aerosols in the form of foam. Foamliterallywas a lotofbright!

- I remembered the words of a boy, called Arthur, who performed this experiment and repeated “I love bulling”! There were a lot of joy! - said Dana Khulpeis. – Thethird experiment was devoted to the interaction of liquids with different densities. To the question “What is density?” there were received most ridiculous answers. And one of them sounded like "Density is when it is too density." Smiling, we gave children the opportunity to do an experiment with their own hands. Then water was pouredinto the flask and then oil. Seeing that they were not mixing, he pronounced magic words, then added “stone”, and then we saw thousands of dissolved balls! Everything was so magical!

The fourth experiment was devoted to the conversion of matter due to temperature exposure. A young girl came out of the hall, whose favorite movie was “Maleficent”. She took the powder of substance and poured into the tile with the words "Burn! Burn!" She felt like thehero of this film. After all, every time when I pronounced these words, a whole “forest” grew on the surface of the tile. The magic was in front of us!

The name of the fifth experiment is “Flame.” Before the experiment, there was a short lecture on the subject of flame and fire.

-We conducted this experiment on ourselves,” Dana Khulpeis shared.

-Chemistry is so amazing that you can make fire only by mixing one substance with another. The instant it caught fire! The flame was bright pink. It was very beautiful, and magical! Then we told the children that "chemical fire" i.e. when chemicals are burning, they must be extinguished with special fire extinguishers, and you can not extinguish with water! The children were given “fire extinguishers” made by themselves, and they themselves put out the fire! Everything was fertile and interesting!

The following were Alexander Chukalin, head of the safety and labor protection service, and Irina Mezhevskaya, technical inspector. Talking about safety precautions that should always be followed during daily life, they showed prohibiting signs that children can meet in everyday life. Showing each sign, they asked the children “What do you think this sign means?” There were a lot of answers, and most importantly, the right ones. Children with such interest shouted out answers. When they put the simulator Gosha on the table, you just had to see the surprise, amazement and delight on their faces. Alexander Chukalin explained how it is necessary to provide the first aid to a victim correctly, and then everyone who wanted to take turns tried to do it themselves with their own hands, a line of 80 children was lined up.

Meetings with children were part of an equal opportunity promotion project. In the third season, 30 girls and 50 boys attended the meeting. To the question “Who can work in the energy sector?” the guys answered that the energy sector is open to everyone. Many girls expressed a desire to work in the energy industry.

The next summer season in Edelweiss, it is planned to hold interesting events for children about the profession of energy.