On August 23, 2019, a training session was held at “AlES” JSC for members of the conciliation commission of «Almaty Electric Stations» JSC under the program «Fundamentals of labor legislation and negotiation process skills for members of the conciliation commission». The training program was divided into theoretical and practical parts. The trainers of the «Parasat» Mediation and Law Center revealed the algorithm for the functioning of the conciliation commission, showing effective techniques of the negotiation process during the meetings of the conciliation commission. During the training, the participants completed a number of practical tasks that required both independent work and solutions, as well as coordinated teamwork.

-It should be especially noted that «Almaty Electric Stations» JSC are fully responsible for the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conciliation commissions operate successfully in the organization and is carried outannual training of commission members,- emphasized professional business mediation trainer Gulmaydan Urozbaeva.

- The training was conducted at a high, professional level. Information was provided in full on the work and specifics of the conciliation commission, - shared his impressionsMaksatAstaubaev, deputy chief engineer of CHPP-1.

As a result of training, participants received certificates of the «Parasat» Center for Mediation and Law on the completion of the course.