On August 16, 2019, within the framework of the “Road to School” action, employees of AlES JSC, members of the primary party organization of the «NurOtan» party V. Sitdikov, F. Botakaraeva, K. Rashiduly, E. Bekbossynov provided charity assistance to twenty school children from 6 under 17 years old. All children from low-income families live and study in Auezov district of Almaty. Ten children of them are students of school-gymnasium No. 113.

-The schoolchildren were handed with stationery schoolsupplymentaries - notebooks, diaries, drawing albums, pens, felt-tip pens - everything that is necessary for study,- said Valery Sitdikov, secretary of the primary party organization of JSC “AlES”.

The campaign "Road to School" has been held in Kazakhstan since 2008 at the initiative of Elbasy. In 2019, the campaign "Road to School" are being held under the motto: "Zhurekten Zhurekke!"