At the second part of children's health camp "Edelweiss" rested 226 children. The children are spending their time funny, interesting and fruitful almost each hour.At the end of July 2019, employees of CHPP-1 came to the camp to talk about their work at the electricity production and about the people who work at the stations.

The employees of CHPP-1 prepared for the meeting with the children more seriously, each brought with them a visual aid for their part of the program. Everything took place in the form of a team game, the children were divided into squads. ArailymAydabolova, head of the HR department at CHPP-1, told the children about CHPP-1 and how important energy is in our lives. The children were shown a short film about the power system and slides about the life of “Almaty Electric Stations” JSC.

The children participated in chemical experiments enthusiastically which conducted by GulnaraDorosheva, an engineer-technologist at the chemical workshop at TPP-1. She told the children about the chemical processes that occur during the chemical purification of water.

- I’ve tested water for hardnessfor the first time in my life. I determined the environment and neutralized the acid. It was very interesting to me! At the end of the meeting, they awarded me with a diploma, - shared ElinaBeloglazova from 5th squad.

GaukharAliyeva, the master of the production site of the electric workshop of the CHPP-1, showed on the board where the light came from. Children watched with great interest how the coil spins and the light comes on.

- I think that the guys will remember the experiment with potatoes forever. At the end of the meeting, all teams were awarded diplomas for their active participation in the experiments. The children felt a craving for new knowledge. And the most important thing is that their eyes were on fire, probably, it’s only worth holding such events,-said ArailymAydabolova.

Over the summer, two meetings were held as part of the project to promote equal opportunities. In the third season, another meeting is planned.