In July 2019, employees of the Western Thermal Complex conducted an excursion into the Energetic profession for children vacationing in the “Edelweiss” health camp. On this fascinating journey the children were invited from the three groups at the age of 6 to 13 years old. Initially, the children were told about the large energy company JSC “Almaty Electric Stations”. The presentation aroused great interest among children, as it concerned the work of the most dear people - their parents.

The guys were very interested in participating in the experiments. Especially for the children, Roman Krainov, a senior master in industrial automation and control systems and control systems for thermal automation and measurement of WTC, assembled a mini-power station, which clearly showed the principle of the station. Children could twist the handle of the generator, which carried out the transmission of current by wire to a residential building.

The guys were able to determine the hardness of the water themselves. These experiments were conducted by the supervision of laboratory assistants of the chemical service AssemSaduakas and Olga Bayanova. During the experiment, they focused on the use of special protective equipment and the importance of observing safety rules. They noted that not only men, but also women work in the energy sector, showed the important role of women on the example of workers in the chemical service.

- Of course, at home we heard parents tell about their work. But today we were able to clearly learn about their complex and responsible profession. I especially liked the experiments on determining the hardness of water. We were told about the interesting life of the company, that competitions are held annually for employees' children, sports and athletics contests. AlES has its own youth organization, and even work is underway to provide assistance to orphanages, - said Yana Gorbovskaya, who is resting in the first detachment.

WTC employees provided information in an easy, entertaining way, answering all the questions that arose for children.

- A real recognition for us was the gratitude of the children, they were sincerely glad to see us. For them, this meeting was very interesting and informative. As the famous proverb says: "Tell me - and I will forget, show - and I will remember, let me try - and I will understand." When a child hears, sees and does it himself, it is assimilated firmly and for a long time, - said AinurTemirbaeva, a leading human resources engineer.

This innovation under the Equal Opportunities project will continue for children who will come to the “Edelweiss” Children's Health Camp in the next races.