On July 12, 2019, the WHC team spent YerbolAbylkassymovichSassykov, Managing Director of the WHC, on a well-deserved rest. He worked in the energy sector for 35 years, went from a locksmith to a director.

The Chairman of the Board of JSC “AlES” N.T. Mukhamed-Rakhimov handed YerbolAbylkassymovich two letters of certificate for his long and fruitful work: Certificate of Honor ofJSC “Samruk-Energy” and Certificate of Honor of JSC “AlES”. Warm words of thanks were expressed for many years of work and contribution to the energy sector.

- ... Everyone has heard about YerbolAbylkassymovich’s love for agriculture, WHCers more than once tasted the fruits of his garden. Our gift moto-cultivator will be very handy in the household. Therefore, you will not have to be bored on vacation, you will need to master a new unit and increase the yield of household land,-noted Nurlan Taufikovich Muhamed-Rakhimov.

The managing directors of the departments spoke, recalled the joint work, the times when they were young, how they overcame difficulties and how quickly the time and the moment of retirement arrived.

- Yerbol Abylkasymovich looks very young, you can’t say that the retirement age has come up. Apparently, the WHC team retained its director in this form, which means it was easy and fun to work here for him, - joked Bisembek Abenovich Sabyrkulov, Managing Director of Cascade Hydroelectric Power Station.

In addition to their work colleagues, the AUES rector, Mussabekov R.A., head of the kindergarten of JSC “AlES”Tuleubekova K.S., who also expressed a special warm attitude to YerbolAbylkassymovich, participated in the event.

The WHC team expressed gratitude for the joint work under the guidance of a true professional.

- Five years ago, we got used to the new director, and now it’s sad to leave, because we became relatives to each other - a real family. We are grateful to our director for working together, for instilling responsibility and love for work in his own way, for taking care of us, said Olga NikolaevnaKozlova, chief accountant.

- Our chef brought vitamins from his garden. He could not only work hard, but also relax. We often traveled as a team to nature. In general, he was a real leader: demanding, but at the same time taking care of us as our children, - said TemirbaevaAinur, a leading human resources engineer.

-Now you will have a lot of free time that you can devote to yourself, have a good rest and travel,- said ZayitovaZhanar, chief economist.

The WHC team presented as a keepsake to its director a photo album in which all trips on vacation are captured, and an album with wishes from each WHC department, where employees now wrote poems by Omar Khayyam, which the director had quoted earlier for each employee’s birthday and other significant events of the team .

Yerbol Abylkassymovich was escorted to a well-deserved rest in a warm, friendly atmosphere, but a little sadness was felt, as it happens when you say goodbye to a very dear person. But the WHC team promised its director that joint forays into nature would remain a tradition.