50 years ago, nothing was man-made at the site of the Kapshagai Hydroelectric Power Station, only muddy water of Ili River flowed down the gorge. The place was uninhabited, semi-desert around, to the nearest village "stationIli" was12 km.

But precisely this place in the Kapshagai Gorge where the river valley narrows to 600 m was chosen for the construction of a hydroelectric power station. The layout of the hydraulic system has an original engineering solution, in which the favorable topographic and geological conditions of the alignment are used to the maximum. For example, a rocky outlier as a natural rock dam is included in the pressure front.

The design of the Kapshagai hydroelectric station was carried out by the Kazakh branch of the All-Union Design and Research and Scientific Research Institute "Hydroproject" named after S.Ya. Zhuk. During the construction of the building and the construction of the hydroelectric station were laid229,000 m3 of concrete and reinforced concrete, reinforcement 11,505 tons.

The first group of builders (23 people), led by foremanFedenev, arrived at the construction site of the hydroelectric station in January 1963. His tasks was included: to accept the goods received at the construction site, to build temporary warehouses, a bridge across the Kaskelen River for the export of goods to the site.

Until 1966, the temporary settlement of hydro-builders, a cinema, a school, dormitories were mainly raised andbegan the construction of a house in the micro-district. In 1966, work began in the area of the main hydraulic structures of the site: the construction of compressor workshops and a canteen. The excavation of the pit of the supply channel, the clearing of the foundation for the channel dam, and the development of the pit of the first stagehave begun for the building of the hydroelectric power station.

On June 20, 1969, a solemn moment took place in the history of the Kapshagai hydroelectric station. To the sounds of the celebratory car, a memorial plate was lowered to the bottom of the armature frame of the building frame of the hydroelectric power station building, on which was engraved "1969, June 20, the first cube of tone was laid in the Kapshagai hydroelectric station ...".

Today, the Kapshagai Hydroelectric Power Station provides electricity to the cities of Kapshagai, Almaty, Taldykorgan. Itsinstalledcapacityis 364 mWt.