39 third year students of the Almaty University of Energy and Communications in the specialty "Heat Power Engineering" were trained at JSC “Almaty Electric Power Stations”.

For the second year, “AlES” JSC and AUES work under a student internship agreement with elements of dual training. Almaty University of Energy and Communications was one of the first to actively implement the training of specialists in the German dual education system. On the basis of CHPP-1, training is being carried out on working specialties: a crawler operator for turbine equipment, a crawler operator for boiler equipment, a laboratory for chemical analysis.

- From May 2 to May 17, students were engaged in practical training at TPP-1, from June 11 to June 28 they underwent theoretical training at the personnel training department. The mentors were experienced employees of “AlES” JSC: GulnaraDorosheva, a process engineer for the chemical workshop, and freelance teachers in the personnel training department, Galina Nechepurenko and Alexander Orlov, who had worked in the energy sector for more than 40 years, - said ZhanarSabikenova, head of the human resources management personnel training department of “AlES” JSC. .

After practice, the guys passed the qualification exams. The examination committee included engineering and technical workers of JSC “AlES” and university professors. Students who successfully passed the exams received a certificate of assignment of a state-specific working specialty.

Our university is interested in a business partnership with the production company JSC “AlES”. This allows you to combine theory and practice in the educational process. It's great when a student gets two in one. When graduating from university, young specialists know where they will go and what they will do. They see the full production cycle, gain experience in a future profession. In the process of dual training, they rethink a future specialty and make an informed decision about the correct choice of a profession. Upon graduation, graduates get a job here at the enterprise. We express our gratitude to our permanent partner - JSC “AlES” for a professional approach and quality work in organizing the passage of industrial practice, - said BalzhanBakhtiyar, Director of the AUES Institute of Thermal Power Engineering.

AUES students thanked the staff of JSC “AlES”, noting that during the practice the employees of the TPP-1 and teachers answered all questions of interest, showed the entire cycle of the station, and made it possible to see everything with their own eyes.