Traveling around the homeland was so interesting and fascinating that we did not notice the passing of time.


In June 2019, was opened the new season of the project of the children's tourist train “TuganElgeSayakhat”(that means“Travelling around the homeland”). Children from all over Kazakhstan went on a 9-day tour of historical places and beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. From the JSC "AlES" the project participants are chosen the three children of workers in production departments bringing up in large families and with excellent studies. These are BeksultanSherekhan(12 years old, son of GulzhamilaNurumbetova, engineer of the chemical workshop of CHPP-1), ZhansayaZhaksybek (11 years old, daughter of KamshatOmarova,laboratory assistant of the chemical analysis of the chemical workshop of CHPP-3), AkbotaYerzhien (12 years old, daughter of Almas Yerzhienov, flaw detector ofultrasonic inspection toolPRP "Energoremont").

-We gathered at the train station Almaty-1, like as one big family and went to Nur-Sultan,-said AkbotaYerzhien. - I got an unforgettable experience.Many children independently set out on the road for the first time, on the one hand they had a fear, on the other, it was a delight. I found a lot of new friends. We have five children in our family, for my relatives this trip was a great holiday.

The train route passed through the cities of Nur-Sultan, Baikonur, Taraz, Almaty and Balkhash, and each city was remembered by children in its own way.

 25-06-4--For me, all five cities of Kazakhstan were a great discovery, - shared her impressions Zhansaya Zhaksybek. - We had a great rest, made friends, learned the history of our native country. EXPO was visited in the city of Nur-Sultan, in Baikonur wesaw the rockets flying the expanses of the endless space. The mausoleums of Taraz conquered us with their history, and the rest on Lake Balkhash gave us the feeling of a real drive. The time passed wonderfully. We sang, danced, organized a flash mob, read poetry, played board and logic gameson the road. Our impressions from traveling in our native country are incredible. We were convinced of the uniqueness and beauty of our country. I found wonderful friends that I will never forget.

25-06-5The peculiarity of the project “Tugan Elge Sayakhat” was that in 9 days all the teenagers became very friendly. And this contributed to the feeling of a unified team.

-This trip left me the first unforgettable impression in my life,- noted BeksultanSherkhan. –First, I met guys from all over Kazakhstan, with whom I became friends. Secondly, I visited five cities that have become a real discovery for me. We visited the "Baiterek" monument. In the museum of the Baikonurcosmodrome, we were shown a mini-space, astronauts' costumes. I was struck by the mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Karakhan, I recognized ancient historical legends. The trip to our native country was so interesting and fascinating that we did not notice the passing of time. Many thanks to the organizers for such a cool program.