In April-May 2019, 58 schoolchildren (school No. 38 and the International School) of the fourth, seventh and eighth grades visited the CHP-3 JSC “Almaty Power Plants”. Excursions are conducted according to the plan of measures to promote equal opportunities for a joint project with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Employees of CHP-3 made up a safe route of movement around the station, told the history of CHP-3 construction, about the specifics of CHP-3 operation, showed interesting chemical experiments, including experience, which clearly showed the occurrence of current.

Pupils of 7-8 grades of school №38, which is located in the village of Otegen-Batyr, are especially close to energy, because most of their relatives work at CHP-3.

- My grandfather worked at this station. It’s always interesting for me to visit CHP-3, - shared ViolettaPonomarenko, the 7th grade schoolgirl.

- My brother Vladimir Saenko works at CHP-3. He is an electrician for maintenance of electrical power plants. I always had a great interest in the station, I’d like to see how everything works inside, how electricity is produced, - saidDimaSaenko, 8thgrade schoolboy.

-We try to help for our student on choosing their future profession at school. Half of our school graduates receive a state grant mainly in AUEC/AUPET(Almaty University of Power Engineering Technics andKazNTU(Kazakh National Technical University). I am sure that from 33 schoolchildren of who have seen the station today, might be guys who will soon work at CHP-3, - said Ainagul Kapsimetovna Turalykova, teacher of the Kazakh language and literature.

Pupils of the 4th grade of the International School showed great interest, asked a lot of questions, were delighted with the experiments shownon excursions.

- The organized guided tours will be remembered by children for a long time and will affect the choice of profession in the future. We express our deep gratitude to the staff of CHP-3 for their active participation in launching the school visitors program.They have done very hard work to show students the work of CHP-3 and the employees love for their work. We hope, this program will encourage children to study the exact sciences and attract more high school graduates to the energy sectorin the future, -summed up the resultsZhanarSabikenova, head of the staff training department.