At CHPP-1, preparations started for the heating season 2019-2020in the spring. All repairs are on schedule.

- In summer months, we will face a large amount of work on repairing equipment at CHPP-1 being shut down, pumping equipment, heating equipment, and according to the schedule of repairs to the main equipment, the turbine unit at station 8, the turbine unit at station 9 with auxiliary equipment will be repaired, - said Murat Sarsembaev, head of the turbine workshop of CHPP-1.


Recently, the work has been begun on the repair of equipment brought to CHPP-1, and has been continuing on the current repair of the turbine unit at station №10 with the auxiliary equipment. The quality of performed work is being controlled constantly by the monitoring of operating personnel, there is also a flaw detection of the equipment removed for repair.

- According to the schedules of repairs of the main and auxiliary equipment, we started the first repair work in March; repairs of power boilers of st.№ 9, st.№10, water boilers of st.№4, st.№5,st.№6,st.№7 are done; and at the moment the power boilers st.№12 and the turbine unit st.№10 and the hot-water boiler st.№1 are in the scheduled repair - said IsakhanSyrgabayev, Managing Director of CHPP-1.

All the repair work and the efforts made, both from the repair staff and from the operational staff, are directed to prepare the equipment for trouble-free operation in the autumn-winter period 2019-2020. And the staff of the department of CHP-1, as in previous years, is confident in the successful passage of the heating season of 2019-2020, and in providing Almaty consumers with warmth and light.