In May 2019, as part of the recreational program for young specialists of the “Samruk-Kazyna” group of companies, the second part of young production workers rested in the “Arman Dala” dispensary. AlES presented three employees: ZhadraBitaeva, repair engineer of the repair department of CHP-3, RauanAkhmetov, shift manager of the power station of the operation group of the Kapshagay hydropower station, AbuseytBakirov, senior master of the Center for reception and unloading of Fuel(CRUF).

-On the first day of arrival, we were warmly welcomed and placed in comfortable rooms,-sharedRauanAkhmetov, the shift manager of the power station of the operation group of the Kapshagay hydropower station. - I slept like a baby, at the foot of the mountains among the trees and birches, inhaling the freshness of fragrant air. The next day I met with all the participants. We shared our work experience and agreed more on work and politics is not a word. From this moment a new life began in “Arman Dala”,where I forgot about all the problems and concerns. We all became very friendly, so the last day was very difficult, many of us even did not hold back the tears of parting. This time left me an unforgettable impression. The program of recovery included daily massage, physiotherapy, electrophoresis and a sauna.

- Young specialists from different branches of production gathered in “Arman Dala”, we exchanged experience, received new knowledge, team building during the week. All this allowed us to get a great boost of energy and motivation for further development, - said ZhadraBitaeva, repair engineer for the repair department of CHPP-3.

-The days spent in “Arman Dala ”are unforgettable,- continued AbuseyitBakirov, senior master of CRUF. - Many thanks to “AlES” JSC, “Samruk-Kazyna” Foundation and the organizers for providing the health and education program.

Recreation and health technologies have great potential for the manifestation of human activity and are focused on improving the culture of life and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.