About 150 thousand participants gathered for the march of the Immortal regiment this year just in Almaty.

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Asylkhan Izteleuov, Lead Engineer (in relay protection and automation) of the electrotechnical laboratory of the electrical department of CHPP-1 has been participating in parades on May 9 and in the action of the Immortal Regiment since 2005.

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Asylkhan was born in 1980 in Atyrau in the family of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. His grandfather fought in the ranks of the Red Army in 1941 for our peace and freedom today, which Asylkhan and all his relatives are very proud of.

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The 11 monthly youngest great-grandson of our grandfather

My grandfather - Izteleu Izgali. For me, since childhood, he was a real hero. I remember, on May 9 every year how my grandfather put on his military uniform with numerous orders, and together we went to the parade. My grandfather always had a bouquet of flowersin one hand to honor the memory of the heroes who had fought for our bright future, did not return home.

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My grandfather fought in the suburbs of Moscow and was wounded by a fascist bullet. After the war, he was awarded 3 orders and 13 medals. I always tell my children about their great-grandfather-hero. The younger generation should know about the feats of ancestors, who gave their lives for our bright future. And today, by tradition, we go to the whole family on May 9 to commemorate those who gave their lives for the Motherland and lay flowers at the eternal flame every year. Participating in the action, you feel the significance of Victory Day.“Thank you Granny for Victory! - says Asylkhan and expresses gratitude and respect to all veterans and those who worked during this difficult time.

The actions of the Immortal Regiment are a part of our memory. The absolute majority of participants are sincere in the action "Immortal Regiment".