In March - April 2019, JSC “AlES” continued the tradition of holding a competition for "The best organization of work on labor protection among the production departments of JSC “AlES."

Креативная пара

-A review competition is held to improve the management of labor protection, improvingthe organization and efficiency of the labor and safety services of production departments,- said Marat Akylbay, head of the department ofcontrolling reliability and labor protection, -The task of the competition is to disseminate and promote positive experience in labor protection, strengthening the promotion of labor protection issues, awareness and involvement of workers. To become a leader in your work means to show commitment principles of health and safety.

Креативная пара

During the period of the competition, a special commission conducted a survey on the assessment of performance indicators on occupational safety and health, an analysis of the submitted materials.

Summing up the results of the competition for “The best organization of work on labor protection among the production departments of JSC “AlES”, as a result of work for 2018 was timed to the World Day of Labor Safety, which is celebrated annually on April 28. Prizes were awarded to participants who fulfilled the conditions of the competition and achieved high results in implementing measures to improve working conditions and safety.

Креативная пара

Rewarding was conducted by the Chairman of the Board of JSC “AlES”, - N.T. Muhamed-Rakhimov with the participation of the Deputy Chairman of the Board on production-G.Zh. Ismukhambetov and the Chairman of the Branch “Trade Union “AlES ”-V.M. Sitdikova.

According to the results of the competition, the Ist place was taken by the CascadeHPP team, the 2nd place was taken by the CHPP-3 team, and the 3rd place - by the Center for Fuel Receipt and Unloading.Chairman of the Board of AlES JSC N. Mukhamed-Rakhimov presented the winners with diplomas and cash awards, and the prize cub for winning team who won the first place in the competition.

- It is necessary to emphasize the importance of systematic work on the improvement of labor protection in the company. A great responsibility is assigned to labor protection workers to prevent industrial injuries and health threats. Safety and labor protection is a system that should work as a single mechanism. To organize the work of this mechanism is one of the areas of your work, - said NurlanMukhamed-Rakhimov.

- We are very pleased that we won the first place in the competition and received the prize cup. The specificity of the HPP Cascade consists in the separation of the stations, so it takes a lot of time to check jobs. Much work has been done at Cascade HPP. This is the reward of our entire team, first of all the heads of workshops and engineering and technical workers responsible for safety and labor protection,-shared Natalia Grankina, senior inspector for TS and LP Cascade HPP.

The organization and conduct of a review-competition among the departments of JSC AlES was carried out on the basis of a joint decision of the Production Council for Occupational Safety and Health of JSC AlES, the Office of Safety and Health Monitoring and the Trade Union "AlES" branch of the “Local Union "Energy" .